[Report] KIL Dao Monthly Report for September 2022

We’re excited to get cracking on our September report for MetaStraits Volume 6 & 7 because this month we managed to pull off a hybrid show: Metaverse & Physical live shows, AND top last month’s record turnout with our highest turnout to date. Onward and upward!

To recap: KIL Dao has been focussing (August, July) on our signature concept: MetaStraits, where we pair music artists from 2 different countries in Asia for each Metaverse performance to achieve a cross pollination of fans in attendance just like the model of a physical music festival.

MetaStraits Volume 6

For our first digital event we paid Singapore’s most sought after singer-songwriter, Daniel Sid, with Malaysian trio Street Code.

MetaStraits 6 Post

We managed to onboard 29 new users to the NEAR ecosystem side by gifting them NEAR wallets:

  1. danielsidmusic.near
  2. njt.near
  3. nirud.near
  4. narle.near
  5. hotlaps.near
  6. botallie.near
  7. sunna.near
  8. jaypal.near
  9. nikils.near
  10. sunjay.near
  11. kumarravel.near
  12. edysengkang.near
  13. n4hr4f.near
  14. emersongideonzad.near
  15. harithrex.near
  16. zachshreds.near
  17. abangtrumpet.near
  18. jerff.near
  19. chongz.near
  20. bryanproducerschool.near
  21. jeremywasbeer.near
  22. djying.near
  23. Terrencestreedcode.near
  24. Jayvinerama.near
  25. Marioblister.near
  26. Kayvinblister.near
  27. ramonblister.near
  28. joshuablister.near
  29. enrico3I1E.near

And the following Daniel Sid official NFTs we’re listed on sale during the event:

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 3.32.55 PM

Highlights & results of MetaStraits Volume 6 can be seen below.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-28 at 9.54.46 PM

We have also taken videos of the performances which can be watched here

And the results of MetaStraits Volume 6 - 240 people in attendance over the 2 acts:


MetaStraits Volume 7

MetaStraits Volume 7 was exciting for 2 reasons: KIL executed a hybrid show (one Metaverse show and one live performance, live-streamed), as well as the single launch party of Blister’s latest track, Blind Love. We had to push the original date back by a week because of issues with the physical venue (as the physical portion was to be live streamed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), but it was totally worth it!

MS7 Square

We managed to onboard 26 new users to the NEAR ecosystem by gifting them NEAR wallets for the artists that evening:

  1. Shankararao.near
  2. SephoraDeCosta.near
  3. TimLiew.near
  4. MahaJeffrey.near
  5. TatianaRodrigues.near
  6. SteveTobi.near
  7. Jhayhanraj.near
  8. Joshuaaaron.near
  9. MuhammadNadhir
  10. Jamaludin.near
  11. Jenniferong.near
  12. Melissaclairebiggs.near
  13. TdharshanSharma.near
  14. SureenaShree.near
  15. AmeliaThomazine.near
  16. ChristhalAswarya.near
  17. UmmeHani.near
  18. NurulNasuha.near
  19. Halimatunnureen.near
  20. CynthiaShammah.near
  21. Ashvinitha.near
  22. thetommydean.near
  23. pippamaria.near
  24. thesays.near
  25. mikedean.near
  26. pbatt.near

As for the NFTs, the artists that evening listed the following:

Tommy Dean

Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 3.50.21 PM


Screenshot 2022-10-07 at 3.50.11 PM

Highlights & results of MetaStraits Volume 7 can be seen below.

Tommy Dean

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.10.18 PM

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.04.30 PM

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.05.16 PM

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.08.39 PM


Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.23.22 PM

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.24.37 PM

Screenshot 2022-10-06 at 10.30.52 PM

We have also taken videos of the performances which can be watched here

And the results of MetaStraits Volume 7 - 372 people in attendance in the Metaverseover the 2 acts, and for the first time of the series an additional X people in person!:


Summary of September 2022 KPIs, Goals & Milestones

  • Onboarded 55 new members to the NEAR ecosystem gifting them free NEAR accounts
  • Launched and rewarded NFT’S to our guest via Mintbase
  • Pulled a record total attendance of over 612 Metaverse pax for both events at The Playground, Cryptovoxels.
  • Pulled a record and first ever physical attendance of over 30 pax for Blister’s live launch in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    *KIL DAO continues to successfully host and grow bigger MetaStraits shows, with each month outperforming the previous in terms of unique viewers
    *KIL DAO has added @thetommydean, @danielsidmusic.near, @Marioblister.near, @Kayvinblister.near, @ramonblister.near and @joshuablister.near to our music performer ecosystem

KIL would like to thank the Creatives Dao, @creativesdao-council and NEAR for the opportunity. We plan to execute another month of hybrid MetaStraits when the grants open again before pivoting to a physical event hopefully in conjunction with the official NEAR Singapore group. In that regard if anyone in the @creativesdao-council is able to put us in touch with a decision maker in the group it would be deeply appreciated. Until then, we loo forward to trying to top off our record numbers in the coming month!

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