[Event Proposal] Keep It Local Live Presents: MetaStraits Volume 7

After our record setting month of August during which we onboarded 64 new members to the NEAR ecosystem (gifting each a NEAR wallet) and over 550pax over the course of our 2 flagship events (MetaStraits Volume 4 & Volume 5), KIL DAO is back this September for MetaStraits Volume 6 & 7.

To recap: Having experimented with a range of formats for our Metaverse performances over the past few months, we have focused our efforts on organizing and hosting our MetaStraits series. MetaStraits pairs 2 artists from 2 different countries in Asia for each Metaverse performance to achieve a cross pollination of fans in attendance just like the model of a physical music festival.

As maintained in our earlier proposals, the medium-term goal is to frame the series as a talent contest between artists, measured by the KPIs each bring in at the end of each show.The artist who onboards the most fans by 31 December will have their EP funded and produced by KIL in collaboration with NEAR. We also intend to pivot to a physical event in October 2022, hopefully in conjunction with the official NEAR Singapore group. In this regard if anyone in the @creativesdao-council is able to put us in touch with a decision maker in the group it would be deeply appreciated. For now, let’s kick of the event proposal for MetaStraits Volume 6!

Our event for MetaStraits Volume 7 is going to be a hybrid event, with the legendary Malaysian Rock & Roll band Blister hosting their launch party for their latest single, Blind Love. They will be supported by an opening act live-streamed from Singapore as well!

Details of MetaStraits Volume 7

• Proposed Date and Venue : Wednesday 28th September 2022 at The Playground, Cryptovoxels
• Time : 9pm
• Live performance/ special showcase from one headlining artist each from Singapore and Malaysia for each show. The artist and KIL will self produce and pre-record a performance for the showcase. The showcase will be streamed via KIL’s Twitch channel and broadcast at The Playground CV.
• Artists will be given a duration of 20 minutes to perform for the showcase. The audience will then be directed to the virtual gallery to view or purchase an exclusive NFT by the artist.
• KIL will mint 1 NFT created by the artist on our official MINTBASE Store.
• FREE NFT’S will be given out during the event. The criteria to obtain those rewards is to have a newly created NEAR account along with sharing the best caption about the event on Social Media. We have incentivised artists to onboard at least 10 new fans (with a goodwill goal of 20) onto the NEAR ecosystem. Winners will be tracked via tags @keepitlocal.asia @nxmlive and hashtags #KILDAO #NEAR
• The event will be promoted via KIL’s channels on social media including Instagram , [Facebook], Twitter and Tik Tok.

Cost Breakdown for MetaStraits Vol. 7

⦁ Metaverse Event Management (Singapore Artist Showcase @ 9:00pm) - $500
⦁ Physical Event Management (Malaysian Artist (Blister) Showcase @ 9:20pm) - $500
⦁ Performance Fee (Blister) - $350
⦁ Performance Fee (Singaporean artist) - $350
⦁ Event Production Cost for Physical Show (Blister) - $370
⦁ Venue fee for The Playground at Cryptovoxels - $50
⦁ Streaming/Production fee - $60
⦁ Marketing and Promotion for 2x events (Design for posters, Artist NFT and promo materials) - $250
⦁ Total : $2430