[Report] KalakendraDAO Participating on Stake Wars #3

Hey Everyone,
As sustainability is one of the key factors in the development of any DAOs, Kalakendra DAO Would love to utilize the opportunity of the Community stake wars challenge, Stake Wars – NEAR Protocol

If we could get a near delegation, KalakendraDAO Would eventually be a place of self-sustainable DAO.

To participate, we are requesting 2 VMs, one from Google and Another from AWS, to participate in the Event.

Cost of the VMs
GCP - $182.41 * 2 = 364.82
AWS - ~150 * 2 = 300

Plus International Transaction Credit card Charges = ~50 USD
Total requesting funds: $715


AWS: Ran by Monish under the name of monish016.factory.shardnet.near


GCP: Run by Sarath Under kalakendradao.factory.shardnet.near

Hey :neutral_face:
NEAR is already having rewards worth $250K in Unlocked NEAR, limited to 500 NEAR for each participant for completing different challenges, to compensate for running a node, it’s a incentivized testnet :neutral_face:
Idk if Creatives DAO should cover for this since @chloe from Marma J Foundation is also running one on own cost. :neutral_face:


Hey @Kv9990, we are not requesting funds from Creatives DAO. This is an internal report, and the cost incurred will be covered by KalakendraDAO Treasury.



Nice. Then let’s change tag to [REPORT] from [PROPOSAL]

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@illia @marieke.flament can you please stop it? These rewards came to KalakendraDAO from Creatives DAO Treasury on creatives events (support Indian music, artists, blogs, approved by @hevertonharieno ) but KalakendraDAO will use it to pay for a server to be a part of Stake Wars.

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@creativesdao-mods @marketingdao-council

He is cheating us. All funds in Kalakendra came from Creatives DAO Treasure (NF).

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Yeah that’s obvious. But since it’s a report and not a proposal that’s up for discussion, it’s really upto that DAO how it utilizes that fund.

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Thank you @Kv9990, Hey @Naboto KalakendraDAO is not trying to cheat any system here, we are accountable to the funds received, we are using the funds as intended to use for creative purpose. we used our council reward cumulatively to participate in the stakewars.

Also, Kindly Note, as this is a incentivized testnet, Any reward recieved will directly go to KalakendraDAO Treasury for funding future creative projects. Also if we able to get delegation from NF, the rewards would also go to KKD Treasury.

We have taken this intitative to become self sustainable DAO of our own further reducing the support from NF.

Again we are not requesting any funding from Creatives DAO or Marketing DAO or NF. This is Internal KalakendraDAO Proposal


Hey Naboto,

Cheater is a heavy word to use without due diligence and understanding of what is happening.

We’re all here to help and support each other grow. Adopting a mindset to understand what the other person is saying or doing can take one long way than unsolicited, non due diligent personal attacks.

Like Monish said this is documentation. Please read things carefully before passing comments that could be seen as remarks that don’t follow community guidelines.

Hope your questions are answered.

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