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Project Name: CUDO DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

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We are very grateful that you have approved our Proposal and so we are going to present our Report for the month of May…

You can check our latest reports in the following links:
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In this report, besides presenting the results for the month of April, we will also present an overview of the last three months.

  • On Cudo Dao’s Instagram we promote the following posts:

  • The post was promoted for five days and we had just over 1547 views

  • The publication was promoted for six days and we had a total of 77 likes.

  • The publication was promoted for six days and we had a total of 787 views.

  • The publication was promoted for tree days and we had a total of 664 views.

  • The publication was promoted for tree days and we had a total of 781 views.

Instagram followers up from: 982

  • On Vértebra Project:

In the last report we brought you the information that this month we would have in the Vertebra project the artist Ronald Nascimento presenting 8 graffiti made in his community with the theme: Every boy is a king. Unfortunately we had some setbacks in the execution of this project due to the artist’s health,you can see here that the graffiti has already started to be made and soon they will all be ready and in our social networks.
Because of this we had no posts on the Vertebra page this month and consequently no promotions.

  • The project Vertebra for the month of June will collaborate with a sensational project, A Casa do Cacete in Sergipe/BR. Casa do Cacete is composed of illustrators who are fruits of the Arte Naturalista project, a creative economy and environmental education action developed by IPTI - Institute for Research in Technology and Innovation. And our proposal is for 6 artists to make 2 arts each to be sold with NFT in our Mintbase and also feed our page on Instagram. They will soon be available.

  • Here is a sample of their amazing work.

  • Instagram followers up from: 526

  • On YouTube Cudo Dao Channel we had a problem related to documentation which prevented us from promoting this month. It takes some time to get the requested documents, but we are already taking care of it and next month we will be back with the promotions.

  • Our channel on Youtube is currently with 195 subscribers.

  • On our Twitter Cudo Dao we promote the following post:

  • This post got 73 likes and was promoted for four days.

  • This post got 76 likes and was promoted for four days.

  • This post got 45 likes and was promoted for tree days.

  • Twitter followers up from: 770

  • On our Twitter Vértebra Project we promote the following post:

On the Vertebra Project Twitter page we had the same issue as on Instagram, since we didn’t have any posts we couldn’t do any promotions either. But we will regularize this situation this month.

  • Twitter followers up from: 301

Our strategies:

  • Every month we try out new strategies and tactics. As we always talk about around here, one of them is to analyze the numbers we’ve had with the latest efforts to come up with clearer strategies.
  • We want to study more and more new strategies and in the next reports we will bring you more information.
  • The person responsible for our pages has been trying to specialize more and more so that we can bring better results.

Next steps:

  • Keep increasing our subscribers on our social media.
  • We know that this month we had some setbacks and we will work hard to catch up in the coming months.

We hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been working on and what we still intend to do. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thank you!

Everyone is welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.