[Report] - July Chill&Shill Budget

July Chill&Shill Report

This a report for the monthly funding received by $NEAR Chill&Shill for the following proposal:

Another successful month!
In the past month, we’ve hosted 16 stimulating Twitter Spaces, each one spotlighting various projects and applications in the NEAR ecosystem. These spaces not only provided a platform for NEAR projects to gain exposure but also fostered deeper understanding and connectivity within our community. The dedication to offering meaningful and high-quality discussions, educating existing NEAR community, and onboarding new members, remained a central focus for NEAR Chill&Shill, marking another month of consistent growth and strong performance.

Spaces (hyperlinked):

Sweat Economy

Verse Audio

Meta pool


Boneyard gaming


Everything project


Harmonic guide



Shitzu community


Community space - future of NEAR

Near Toronto

Battle for Earth

Throughout the month, our spaces have been a buzzing hub of discussions revolving around various NEAR Ecosystem Projects. We delved into a myriad of NEAR projects spanning categories like infrastructure, DeFi, gaming, music, accessible real estate, and interactive learning. In addition, we spotlighted some notable NEAR communities, thereby encouraging an exchange of ideas and perspectives. A notable achievement was the record-breaking participation of 739 listeners in our Sweat Economy space. In July, we diversified our discussion topics by incorporating insights on NDC and BOS, supplementing our existing ecosystem project AMAs.We explored these topics in depth, engaging with our guests and the community in meaningful conversations.

As part of our continuous commitment to enhancing our platform, we established a new feedback system. This initiative has brought about two feedback forms, each catering to distinct users: our guests and our community members (listeners). This direct line of communication with our users has furnished invaluable insights, and we’re excited to share a few highlights.

Guest feedback:



Community feedback:


These feedback points provide us with a roadmap to not only refine our existing services but also introduce new features that better cater to our users’ needs. We are planning to experiment with new content formats next month, so stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continuously work to enhance the experience on our platform.

Vision forward
As we forge ahead, our mission remains clear - to continue attracting engaging speakers, educating and expanding our community, onboarding individuals to NEAR, fostering insightful conversations, and persistently growing our platform. In light of the current focus on NDC, governance, and elections within the NEAR ecosystem, we are planning to dedicate additional spaces to these significant topics. At the same time, we aim to maintain our support for Ecosystem projects, striving for a harmonious balance between all these elements.

We’re also focused on enhancing user experience with the help of our new feedback system. We welcome any suggestions from the MDAO council and other forum members regarding our platform’s future direction and ideas for spaces, ensuring that we remain aligned with the overarching vision of NEAR.

Book space
If anyone reading this wants to collaborate and come to our spaces our bring a project, simply book a slot that fits your schedule and we’ll make it happen.
P.S. Would love to have a space with the Marketing DAO council and introduce it to our community at some point, so feel free to use that link :wink:

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Can you provide average views and impressions per space. We support the NEAR Chill and Shill Show, and would like to see how the impact of the space is growing over time!

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This is the data for views. For impressions, which are calculated on the announcement tweet and not on the space itself, we usually get between 1200-3000 impressions on average.

Looks to be ~150 views and 1200-3000 impressions per space. Reasonable metrics provided the size of the NEAR community. Keep up the great work, excited to express support future proposals!

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