[REPORT] Graffiti DAO February 2022 & DAO restructuring

Project Name: Graffiti DAO

Project Accounting: 21.75N account balance

Graffiti DAO will not be requesting funding for the month of March while it restructures itself and onboards new council members. Instead, the funds from February, which were delayed, will be used throughout the month of March to fulfill these projects that were proposed but postponed while a new council is established. I have already begun talking with some members of the community about potential new council members as @mwhyden will be leaving the council this month.

(On that note, if anyone is interested in getting involved, you can send a message in the telegram group chat here.)

To protect against price vfluctuation, for now, if NEAR goes up above the requested amount, the funds gained will be put as a buffer for future projects, and if it goes down, we will repurpose the funding from this month’s graffiti mural to cover this and keep whatever remaining funds from this in the astrodao as a buffer for future projects with the new council.


  • KONE’s artwork for the mural in Baixa-Chiado has been minted as an NFT in the Fame Graffiti Store, available here.

  • Video of “Anseo Anois” KONE mural released:
    Lisbon Street Art Mural By KONE, "Anseo Anois" - YouTube

  • All bounties paid out and posted.

  • “Throw your tag” winners minted in the FAME store

  • Remainder funds have been transferred to Astrodao, so sputnik will no longer be in use for governance.

  • BEAT DAO x VanDAO collab competition guidelines and timelne has been written up and decided on. This will remain a draft for now and will be launched once the funds have been secured, so that we can guarantee the payouts for artists. The original post about Graffiti’s dao involvement can be seen here: [PROPOSAL] Graffiti DAO participation in the VanDAO & BEAT DAO EP Collab

Re-structuring the DAO in March

As explained above, no funding request will be put in for March from Graffiti DAO, instead, the funds requested for February will be used to fulfill existing projects and pursue the following tasks for the development of the DAO:

  • Fulfill February’s projects that were postponed/delayed
  • Onboard new council members
  • Delegate tasks within (ie. social media and messaging platform management)
  • Connect with new community members for mural/NFT projects

If you want to connect with GraffBase, you can do so through telegram, and you can find all of the other links through the linktree account here.

If you would like to apply to be a council member, please attach below an introduction to yourself andwhy you would like to be part of graffiti dao.


Myself Albhion , I an Crypto Enthusiastic , An Devotee person Towards Near Protocol Ecosystem .
Started My journey as Crypto Marketing Communication Outreach Person and worked with not only work with Near Blockchain, Also have Experience in Different Blockchain Category like Defi , Metaverse , NFTs and Exchange Platform .

About My experience in Space - 3.5 Years in Crypto Industry Started ,

I worked for several projects like
Coinsbit Exchange Customer Outreach

Near Protocol Mintbase Reddit Moderator
500 Season Story as Community Manager

Defi Project like SheepDex and OpenLeverage and Metaverse NFT project Metafluence as Community Mod Head

Apart from this I am I am Motion Graphic Designer , Social Media manager and Speaker For AMA or Crypto Talks

Looking forward Graffiti DAO is Really interesting Dao and their concept is Unique to Engage , Educate Users about Near Blockchain , NFTs and it’s Ecosystem ,From The beginging of bounty , I really like the Project and It’s concept , Graffiti is very modern and very trendy way to promote something, It’s really catch the users attention and Looking forward to see the key message of Graffiti .
I started with their bounty which is Really interesting for the project and I took a Part , as I am Passionate about graphic Design and Video editing , I had created Design in Graffiti Format in the name of Peace, And it’s really Liked by the audience and Got the First Place .

Attaching My Portfolio ( Accoding to Experience )

Twitter Link

Thanks @ted.iv


Hello Good Evening,
I am Ligaya known In Near Community.
Im a Digital Artist and a Admin of Art Group in philippines Digital Community.

I have an experience managing a Community, and supporting Filipino Artist in all level Of Art.

Iam A digital Artist since 2018 and become a Creator in paras By July 2021 been Here in Near Forum in November 2021.
I also Have a Finished project Done For Marmajchan Community and Been involved on some proposal,bounties of other Dao and guild in Near Forum.

I am also A Founder of Filipino Artist Guild who start to kick and Grind and explore in Near Governance and Near Protocol projects and oppurtunity.

If i will be one of the Council in GraffBase,
I am sure i can Help Onboard more Artist in Our Community.
We filipino Loved To support each other, and we are willing to support other Guilds and Dao also.
I can help with the Onboarding Of New members, related to Art Projects/ task and Many More as long as i have knowledge on it. :relaxed:

We can learn New Things and New responsibilities in the Process. Thank You and Godbless all​:relaxed:


Hi Graffbase DAO
My name is Dedeukwu, I started with NEAR ecosystem from Mintbase Testnet last year April and co-founded the NxM Guild with Vandal, Trashlight, Paul Crans and others.
I’m currently a co-founder/Council member of C1 Guild & Writer’s guild :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I do audioNFTs, Metaverse community management, voxel creation and currently building in Cryptovoxels Metaverse.

My interest to be a council member of the Graffbase DAO is because of the need to sensitive and onboard Graffiti artists into the guild as well as putting value to what they enjoy doing for the love. I grew up in the South East of Nigeria before relocating to Lagos earlier last year and I can tell you that I grew up in a hip hop neighborhood where people paint on walls and freestyle everyday for the culture so with this movement i can be sure to bring goodnews back home to them through events and projects under this potential DAO.

I hope this can help as intro @ted.iv :nerd_face: and I’m super stoked to help grow this community through research to the best of my knowledge.
My Twitter below:


Happy to say after a community call and a great response, Graffiti DAO now has 4 new council members and I have left the DAO as council in the process. The new council members are:


The month of March was spent communicating the changeover, finishing off some pre-existing projects on the dao and onboarding the new members to take over so this can act as an extension of a monthly report on that.

Looking forward to what is to come for Graffiti DAO