[REPORT] Full Report for YouTube content creation

Hello @marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

After a total of 57 post across all platforms, I found it necessary to update the report on this project although I already gave a report here

I am happy to have successfully executed this project.The content had a cumulative of 79,588views across all social platforms.

Our next project will feature popular social media influencer. :blush:

Breakdown of the statistics:

Instagram : We had our highest engagement on Instagram with a cumulative of 53,638 views on all our content including featured post on blogs.

Below are the links to our contents on Instagram. 53,638 views

Denounce Davido for 1near (Blog post) 11,600views

Denounce Wizkid for 1near(Blog post) = 7,500 views

Pick between 1k or 1near 5,419 views

Pick between 1k or 1near (content 2) 5,303 views

Pick between 1k or 1near (content 3) 2,773 views

Pick between 1k or 1near (content 4) 1,142 views

Pick between 1k or 1near (content 5) 624 views

Denounce Wizkid for 1near 3,624

Denounce Wizkid (video 2) 4,436

Do 20 push ups for $10near 4,583 views

Test your intelligence with NEAR 1,596 views

And many more post which had below 1,000 views.

We had over 8,400 views on Facebook with 31,800 of people reached.Although, our sponsored ad is currently running on Facebook and the statistics are subject to always increase.

Below are the links to our contents on Facebook:

Do 20 push-ups for $10near 6,400 views ( sponsored ad still running)

Test your intelligence with near 1,400 views

Denounce Wizkid for 1near 920 views

Below are the links to our contents on Twitter

Twitter: = 8,840 cumulative views. With over 107,000 tweet impressions

Denounce Wizkid for 1near 5,615 views

Do 20 push ups for $10near 2,734

Test your intelligence with Near 1,768views

Microblog post on Twitter 520 views

Tiktok: We had a total of 5,364 views. Find link to our post below:

Choose between 1k or 1near 1,165 views.

Do 20 push ups for $10near 1,120

Denounce Davido for $40near 944views

Kindly check here for an overview of all content less than 1,000 views on tiktok

Vskit: 3,346 views on 4 post.

Denounce for 1near

Kindly check out my vskit page for content less than 1,000 views.

You can also check out my YouTube channel for the full video of this short clips here


Oh wow! Some dope works . Saw some contents on Instagram. Great one

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Hello @marketingdao-council

I would like to make an update on this report. The engagement on this post has increased from 6,400 views to 24,900 views. Making the views on all videos a cumulative of 98,088

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Hi @marketingdao-council,

Please I need you to acknowledge this report.

Thanks for your detailed report, nice insights so far. Did you post educational content?

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Thanks for the report

Yes I started with educational contents Check here for full video I made it fun

Cool, I checked the video. Would be good if you put the question on screen in the edit so the viewers also know more about the quiz.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

We considered doing that but due to the end goal which is to indirectly educate people about Near protocol in the most friend manner.

Putting up on the screen may defeat the purpose to some extent.