[report] filmes de infiltração dao - july | august 2022

Proponent: Filmes de Infiltração DAO

NEAR account for payment: filmesdeinfiltracao.sputnik-dao.near


Project Timeline: JULY / AUGUST

Total Budget: 2000 USD | DAI


The main objective of this proposal was to do the post-production (editing, sound design, color correction, sound and visual effects, lettering/credits designer, mixing, translation, subtitles and so on to finish with the DCP) of the film A WOMAN WITHOUT ADDICTIONS SEEKS THE WOMAN WITH ADDICTIONS. However, with some changes in the funding schedule, we ended up focusing on another project with more workability.

In July the funds requested for NEAR PROTOCOL came at the end of the month, which delayed our calendar and also caused a scheduling problem for the participants of the project “A WOMAN WITHOUT ADDICTIONS SEEKS THE WOMAN WITH ADDICTIONS”.

While we already had a first cut and were waiting for those responsible for sound design, color correction, mixing and other crew to make the DCP, we decided to invest the funds in another short film: IMPÉRIO.

and no spoilers:

We opted for this film because this short-movie was way more simple to make. We needed a location, daylight, one afternoon and one well-executed sequence shot with a good camera and a great cinematographer, 3 performers that could stay standing their hole, the director to bring the gaze and the producer to control time schedule and so on.

The editing was much simpler than the film A WOMAN WITHOUT ADDICTIONS SEEKS THE WOMAN WITH ADDICTIONS (which has a lot of footage), and it would be up to the sound design to transform the tone of the film into something more comical, and it would be up to the person responsible for the film credits to direct us in the intentions of the film.

In addition IMPÉRIO has no dialogue, no need for translation and subtitling which made it much easier for us.

We also decided not to ask for funds in August and kept our focus on finishing IMPÉRIO, in paying the cast and crew of this short-film and to wait for September to ask for new funds. Then we can finish “A WOMAN WITHOUT ADDICTIONS SEEKS THE WOMAN WITH ADDICTIONS”.

To make IMPÉRIO (first of our films fully supported by NEAR) our budget was:

Director of Photography (with camera equipment) - theuba.near - 300 US
Performer 1 - rafaelrufolf.near - 150 US @rafaelrudolf
Performer 2 - gustavovinagre.near - 150 US @gustavovinagre
Performer 3 - wasem_simon.near - 150 US
Editor (with editing room) - thaisampr.near - 50 US
Music and Sound Designer (with sound editing room) - thaisampr.near - 200 US @thaisampr
Credits Designer - joaomarcosalmeida.near - 100 US
Director and Screenwriter - thaisampr.near - 100 US
Production and Sales agent (who will keep working on the project submitting to festivals and so on) - naralobo.near 400 US
DCP - 200 US

TOTAL: 1.700 US

We had 3 onboarding: theuba.near a great cinematographer and gustavovinagre.near a great film director both from Brazil, awarded and well known internationally. Who joined us as well is the photographer and producer denisefait.near. Also during this week we’ll show them how to flow in NEAR ecosystem and let them more autonomous with their movements around here.

About Festivals submissions
The film IMPÉRIO is ready and is already being sent to festivals.

Many film festivals have encouragement awards and cash prizes. In addition they give visibility to the film. This film is also part of a larger project THE WOMEN OF PAU-BRASIL that will gradually be presented to the community.

*note that some festivals charge a fee for submissions.


Raw Cut (30min) - we’ll still keep on working on the editing to reduce the film’s length.
Editor (with editing room) - 200 US
Sound Editor (with sound editing room) - 100 US

Total budget: 300 US

note: still missing sound design, color correction, sound and visual effects, lettering/credits designer, mixing, translation, subtitles and so on to finalize with the DCP.

We would like to thank all the participants, cast and the crew of both films <3
Thank you for making possible such a dream experience!

@creativesdao-council would you be so kind of taking a look on our DAO’s report :slight_smile:

Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming
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Hot project against patriarchy. I adore.


Definitively it is! Fingers crossed for Festivals and “metaversial” cinemas :slight_smile:


Projeto incrível e super inteligente, além de bem humorado :slight_smile:


Bem vinda @nathalialorda à nossa comunidade!!! Filmes de Infiltração está super feliz com sua chegada aqui! A sua e a de @theuba.near !!!


Nana!!! que bom que está aqui! Bora criar juntas <3


I had so much fun being in the set as an actor! directed by the amazing Thaís @thaisampr ! long live Império!!!
@theuba.near amazing DOP


@nathalialorda soooo good to see you around! lets make art!


Eu amo muito estes novos projetos e como a DAO está se desenvolvendo!
Viva Filmes de Infiltração! Viva o cinema e as novas possibilidades criadas através da NEAR e das blockchains ! Sonhemos um novo mundo!


I loved to be part of this project along with @gustavovinagre and @theuba.near. Thank you @thaisampr for the opportunity!


Super happy to announce that our films are walking by their own legs around the world!!!

And our first film trip is by:
IMPERIO, the film made completely with the support of NEAR FOUNDATION Funds, will have it’s WIP premiere this week at MIX BRASIL International Film Festival and will take part of a really tradicional section called “Show do Gongo”, presented by the actress Marisa Orth, it will happens in Sao Paulo and we are in a competition for the Coelho de Prata Award!

Show do Gongo 2022!

Below an online edition of Show do Gongo, during the pandemics.


About IMPERIO and the short film career we are proud to announce that the film also composes the project THE BRAZILWOOD TRIPTYCH, by @thaisampr and it’s in exhibition at @pff.vienna this month!


Reclaiming Pleasure and Power

:round_pushpin:GAYT Gallery

Friday, 7.4 / 6:30pm

Exhibition on display
8.4 - 16.4 / 2pm - 6pm

As digital and physical worlds increasingly converge, sexual expression, gender roles, and political power structures are being renegotiated. The influence of forums such as Pornhub, Grindr, Tinder, and even computer games & AI has become pervasive, creating new gateways to experience and perform sexuality. Against this backdrop, the relationship between power, gaze, and body in pornographic scenarios has become a subject of artistic investigation. Contemporary multimedia works featured in the exhibition challenge prevailing norms and explore the potential of pornography as a tool for resistance and emancipation. The goal is not simply to provoke or titillate, but to engage in critical reflection and imagine a future that is inclusive, equitable, and safe for all. Join us for a thought-provoking art exhibition that aims to shape the future of human sexuality by confronting the proliferation of pornography with works of films, gifs, sculptures, paintings, drawings and photography.

Participating Artists:
Offerus Ablinger, Danila Amodeo, Wilhelm Binder, Andreas Friedl, Iris Kaufman, Orçun Karamustafa, Rica Fuentes Martinez, Alix Lefebvre, Georgiana Nightingall, No_Pic_No_Chat, Ben Nordmann, NOSOX NOSEX, Sebastian Perinotti, Irena Pejcic, Leonardo Pavez, Thais de Almeida Prado, Hidéo SNES

Performance at Vernissage by Sergio Patricio

Curated by Jasmin Hagendorfer & Yavuz Kurtulmus

#pffv #pffvienna #filmfestival #internationalfilmfestival #filmfestivalvienna #exhibition #vernissage #gallery #opening


And more exhibitions of IMPERIO (EMPIRE) this year!!!

Super happy to announce that IMPERIO was screened at Dresden Film Festival, in the Cinema session Cinema Digestif 2: Seriously! WTF? at the [@filmfestdresden] last month on :tada:Fri 21 April at 23h30.

“SURPRISE MOVIE” by @thaisampr in the Cinema session Cinema Digestif 2: Seriously! WTF? at the @filmfestdresden on :tada:Fri 21 April at 23h30.

:dizzy:For #ffdd23 you can once again look forward to our Late Night Special with offbeat and surprising films at a late hour at @thaliakinodresden . From Thursday to Saturday at 11.30 pm during the festival week, we have on offer this time:

:earth_africa:Thu 20 April: Cinema Digestif 1: BEYOND NOLLYWOOD - WHEN SAND ENTER GARRI
From a desperate make-up artist moved by suspected abuse in his family to a group of young women who are given superpowers by wigs - the productions of Nigerian New Cinema tell us how people overcome challenges in a dynamic African environment.

:tada:Fri 21 April: Cinema Digestif 2: Seriously! WTF?
Hard to believe, but when we lost ourselves in space five years ago, we didn’t think we’d still be there today. YES! We’re celebrating a birthday. In five years we haven’t managed to get rid of you guys. Or is it rather the other way round? Well. The main thing is cake!

:sweat_drops:Sat 22 April: Cinema Digestif 3: Pimmel Porn Protest
As an activist practice and artistic strategy, PostPorn questions social norms of sexuality and the body. The performative porn duet, Sarah Held & Sylvia Sadzinski, shows films as “pimmel, porn, protest” that move far away from the classic hetero universe.

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Very very happy to announce that IMPERIO premieres at
@framelinefest one of the most important festivals dealing with the LGTBQIA+ theme and I might go there to represent the film! :star_struck: :dizzy: :zap:

And IMPERIO integrates a session of fabulous short films, like the delicious “The Cutest and Funniest Animals in the World” by @renatosircilli . By the way, both EMPIRE and THE CUTEST are masterfully photographed by Matheus da Rocha Pereira @_theuba ! @theuba.near

Shorts: The Ace of Wands Tarot
The Ace of Wands Tarot card represents passion, excitement, and new energy. These shorts honor queer bodies and blossoming sexuality while complicating and interrogating body politics.
With ample nudity and heightened eroticism, this program highlights the intoxication of sexuality and importance of bodily autonomy.

EMPIRE has the amazing performances of [@rafaelrudolf] @rafaelrudolf (https://www.instagram.com/rafaelrudolf/) [@gustavo.vinagre] @gustavovinagre (https://www.instagram.com/gustavo.vinagre/) and Blu Simon Wasem, cinematography of @_theuba , credits design of [@joao.marcos.almeida] @joaomarcosalmeida.near (https://www.instagram.com/joao.marcos.almeida/) , production by @filmesdeinfiltracao @filmesdeinfiltracao , and script, direction, editing and sound design by @thaisampr @thaisampr


Hey @thaisampr, thanks for the update! Can we see the final product? Where can we watch the full version of the movie? We’d appreciate it if you could share a link with us.


Hy @Paul thank you so much for asking,
Right now the film is fulfilling its career in film festivals around the world, maybe you can even watch it on the cinema room. I can let the community know where will be the next festival.

This festival moment is important too.
After this, the film will be available on nfts, streaming platforms, web3 and so on.


Hy @Paul

Find below a link with this organised report of IMPERIO [REPORT] IMPERIO - Short-Film made via Near Foundation and Filmes de Infiltração DAO - #2 by filmesdeinfiltracao

And also a great news! The film is again in another festival in San Francisco, US, and you all can watch it online!

You just need to go to this link: SFPFF and choose the option Virtual Festival Pass where you can have access to all ONLINE screenings on SFPFF.PinkLabel.TV. Access instructions can be found in your BoldTypeTickets purchase confirmation email.

For the people that are in San Francisco, Bay Area, CA. US It’s also possible to watch the film in the big screenings! Its will be screened at the BRAVA Theater, one of the greatest Feminxts Theaters in San Francisco.
IMPERIO (EMPIRE) will be screened on Brava Theater - F*CKING/FUN - Friday August 18th @ 4:00 pm (CA). You can use the same link to by the tickets and watch it in person, which I recommend the most!
In-person short film screening. Doors open at 3:30pm. This program contains explicit content. 18+ only.

The San Francisco PornFilmFestival showcases the creativity and craft of post-porn, queer and feminists adult filmmaking from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. The festival’s 2023 edition stars four action-packed programs at the historic Brava Theater located in San Francisco’s vibrant Mission District.

Regarding IMPERIO [EMPIRE], the film is not a Porn film in traditional terms, It is a film in with we play with the stigmas and paradigms of a highly patriarchal and phallocentric society that we no longer want! I invite you all to watch and share your thoughts <3

@theuba.near @rafaelrudolf @gustavovinagre @filmesdeinfiltracao @naralobo @joaomarcosdealmeida Love you guys! :tada: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:

Love wins!