[REPORT] February-March Talentum


We express our gratitude to the NDC for their invaluable support and guidance, particularly through the Aurora Community DAO councils. With their assistance, we’ve successfully implemented several features aimed at enhancing the Aurora ecosystem’s on-chain activity and optimizing the management of the Aurora Starforce program. Below is a summary of the completed features and their impact.

Completed Features:

Aurora Payroll Reward System:

  • We have implemented the Aurora Payroll Reward System to further incentivize and recognize the contributions of community members and ambassadors within the Talentum platform. This system allows for the automatic distribution of rewards based on predetermined criteria, such as task completion, engagement levels, and overall contribution to the ecosystem. By implementing the Aurora Payroll Reward System, we aim to provide a fair and transparent mechanism for compensating individuals for their efforts, thereby fostering a thriving and dynamic community within the Aurora ecosystem. This system not only enhances user motivation but also ensures equitable distribution of rewards, reinforcing our commitment to promoting inclusivity and fairness within the Talentum platform.

Autocheck Validation Mechanism:

  • To ensure the integrity and validity of completed tasks on our platform, we have implemented an autocheck validation mechanism. This mechanism automates the verification process, reducing manual effort and minimizing the risk of errors or discrepancies.

FCFS $AURORA Reward System:

  • A “First Come, First Served” (FCFS) reward system has been established, wherein participants who complete tasks promptly are rewarded with $AURORA tokens. This incentivizes swift participation and fosters a sense of urgency among community members, thereby increasing overall engagement.

Budget Utilization:

The requested budget of $5,000 has been meticulously allocated towards the development and implementation of the aforementioned features. These funds have been instrumental in ensuring the timely execution of tasks and the successful integration of Aurora-related functionalities into the Talentum platform.


The completion of these features has had a significant impact on both the Talentum platform and the Aurora ecosystem:

  • Improved User Engagement: The Payroll and FCFS $AURORA reward system has incentivized users to actively participate in tasks, leading to heightened engagement and interaction within the community.
  • Streamlined Management: The autocheck validation mechanism has streamlined the management of the Aurora Starforce program, enabling efficient verification of social task completion and allocation of rewards.


We extend our sincere appreciation to the NDC and the Aurora Community DAO councils for their unwavering support throughout the implementation process. The successful integration of Aurora-related features into the Talentum platform underscores our commitment to enhancing the Aurora ecosystem’s vitality and fostering community growth. We look forward to further collaboration and continued progress in the future.