[report] dj dao may 2022

May 2022 Monthly Report

Project Name: DJ DAO

Project Status: ACTIVE

Council members:
netuno.near @netunoblu
glazedbaguette.near @glazedbaguette.near
rosario.near @TRosario

Balance: current account balance 5.2 N ( + 8.51 N in sputnik treasury)

Astrodao: dj-dao.sputnik-dao.near


1. Strictly Ballein May 2022

The event was completed successfully and also featured on the NEAR Metaverse Magazine #06

StrictlyBallein by djDAO - May 15th, 2022
Video by @becopro

The Playground (Cryptovoxels venue partner) attendance data for @zeitwarp episode:

2. Virtual Wave

Onboarded 6 new DJs from the Sinewave Surfers collective to the NEAR ecosystem:

  1. swellboy.near
  2. tangodot.near
  3. yacomane.near
  4. cristenisreal.near
  5. jkuch.near
  6. sleazylettuce.near

**3. DJ DAO Showcase Live in Kuala Lumpur **

We are extremely proud to report that the test-run of our first on-ground LIVE event was a massive success! We have onboarded 20 new Malaysian users with NEAR wallets, and had a total attendance of 35 pax (29 registered + 6 walk-in):

  1. shaff90.near
  2. jayo.near
  3. muggzyboo.near
  4. heyacap.near
  5. jog0.near
  6. hilman1.near
  7. daniellew.near
  8. lenesh.near
  9. diwaakker.near
  10. vonvon.near
  11. swit.near
  12. jxcham.near
  13. dolph5n.near
  14. dianneg.near
  15. typodee.near
  16. ishyweeshy.near
  17. kenrick.near
  18. mattjp.near
  19. vedam.near
  20. adela7.near

(Some wallets are still being made via nearnames; as certain names were not available. Relevant parties have been contacted for their alternative names of choice.)

Here are some photos and videos from the Live event:

DJ DAO origin story feat. @vandal

sleezymoss.near on Twitter: “Here’s some photos and Origin Story video of @djDAO_ from last Monday’s event.” / Twitter

With the success and effectiveness of this maiden event, we will be moving on to scaling-up the concept and executing it monthly; with new activations and bigger artists from the region. We also seek to step-up the production value of the event, live-stream, and hire a photographer for future on-ground events so that we may obtain more content from the shows.

Twitch May monthly analytics

We are also proud to report that our Instagram page now has 101 followers, and our Twitter has 111 followers!
Feel free to connect and participate with us via any of our socials and be sure to follow us on Twitch to catch our live-streamed events.

See you at the next show~