[REPORT] Development of Identicon Verification Protocol - Jun 7 -> Jun 17

Project title : Identicon

Proposal : Identicon Verification Protocol

Project Summary

Identicon is a trustless protocol for identity verification on NEAR Protocol, focused on providing multiple signed verifications of a real world entity and binding it to one (or more) digital identities, and independent of the form these digital identities may take (NFT, DID, etc). It is not an identity vault or a repo for unique identity.

Is based on a set of decentralized and random selection of human nodes (citizens) which will produce the “on-site” verification of the solicited identity, proof of life or proof of existence.

Series : Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants to Developers in Residence program

Team involved in development:


May 2022 Monthly report

Periods and Results

Jun 7/2022 → Jun 10/2022, (Argentina)

@mariozito focused on:

  • Implicit Near account creation for onboarding
  • consolidate some Identicon docs:
  • Designed UI proto for requester dashboard - Defined UX interactions for requester and dev dashboard

@leamanza worked on the Gateway APIs

May 14/2022 → May 17/2022, (Argentina)

@mariozito worked on more Identicon docs:

  • Verification API documentation
  • Simplified Contract API - Made contract refactoring from NCAR code - Implemented contract request_verification method

@leamanza worked on the Gateway APIs

  • SendGrid integration to send passcode for onboarding (sign-up, login, recovery)
  • accounts API Accounts
    • Delete Account
  • verification API Verifications