[REPORT] Creative Direction for restructuration of VR DAO

Hello everyone,

During the month of April we set a routing of “creative” meetings to start shaping the structure of the creative direction project. We came up with a first version of the document, where basic structure units are defined in order to proceed with the project.

In short, it is proposed a funding program for VR artistic research in two modalities, creation and mentorship. Both modes are expected to produce documentation material and artworks. To finish the cycle it is proposed to produce an exhibition. The access to participation in the program is in a mixed format between curatorial research and open-call. In parallel, it is proposed the creation of a web platform to nest and articulate the relation between the program artists and the broad public. More details can be found in the first version of the document.

Your feedback is extremely valuable, and will help to shape this program as a whole.

Thank you for your time!