[REPORT] - Chill&Shill August

This report pertains to the monthly funding received by $NEAR Chill&Shill based on the following proposal: Link to Proposal

August marked another triumphant month for our initiative. We hosted eight Twitter Spaces that significantly enriched the NEAR blockchain community. Alongside, we ventured into new content formats, including threads and brief educational videos. Our focal points this month were the upcoming elections, voting procedures, governance aspects, NDC, BOS, and spotlighting ecosystem projects. These engagements have certainly cast a spotlight on budding ventures in NEAR. By welcoming a diverse range of voices, we provided a robust platform for projects to illustrate their potential, reflecting the dynamism within the NEAR community. In essence, NEAR Chill&Shill had a fruitful month.

Spaces (hyperlinked):

NDC Election Spotlight - 157 listeners

Exploring NDC w.Metasky - 166 listeners

NDC Elections and Freelancer DAO - 208 listeners

NDC Deep Dive w. Ant - NDC marketing lead - 162 listeners

XpNetwork - 144 listeners

Nightly Wallet - 96 listeners

Exploring Governance w.Starpause - 89 listeners

BOS Education w. James Waugh - 87 listeners


This month we have explored a new type of content - creating short educational videos. They came out great, and it has been a huge succes.

  1. NDC Overview https://x.com/waxnear/status/1695360658097754458?s=46&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q
  2. BOS Overview https://x.com/waxnear/status/1696803939142738193?s=46&t=duNHKA3Po5QL-pufkfpQ5Q
  3. Election Process Guide - done, not posted yet
  4. TBD

In August, we crafted eight threads to further educate our community through long-form content. These ranged from AMA recaps, providing an alternative way to digest Twitter Space information, to in-depth explorations about NDC and the impending elections. The feedback from community has been overwhelmingly positive.









In summary, Chill&Shill’s momentum remains unbroken this month. We’ve been instrumental in enlightening both new and existing community members about pivotal topics like elections, NDC, BOS, and the broader NEAR ecosystem. Our active engagement across platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and our dedicated Twitter Spaces is a testament to our commitment. As we move forward, our enthusiasm remains high to welcome more individuals to NEAR, simultaneously nurturing our current community’s understanding.