[Report] Burlesque Standup Comedy- August 2022

Laugh & Sing with Sheyunic on Metaverse

Laugh and Sing with Sheyunic is a Stand up comedy that took place 21st of September 2022 which was Yesterday on Metaverse. This is the first ever event Burlesque Dao hosted. This step is a success for us all as a family.

On the event, there was wearables available for those who came through for the event. All Wearables was done by @klarakopi and the 42sec video was done by @becopro. We Burlesquesian would love to acknowledge them for their love and support for Burlesque Dao. We had a record of 60 attendees.


Thanks to @creativesdao-mods for this opportunity.


The event was very exciting.
Iā€™m looking forward to the next one.

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