[Rejected] - NEAR Nigeria- August $1,500

Greetings NEARs

Community Name: NEAR NIGERIA

Country: Nigeria

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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NPKGUILD

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nearprotocol-nigeria-463178226?trk=contact-info

Medium: Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) – Medium

Facebook: Nearprotocolng Npkguild

Community’s near.social account: NEAR Nigeria | Near Social

Team Members:

NEAR Nigeria Community Lead @Paulp5000, Paul Larry | Near Social

@Ejabani (CM) Jabani | Near Social
@kbounce (Social Media)Kabiru Hussaini | Near Social
Favour (Social Media)christiana_4423.near | Near Social
@Khady (Content writer) khady.near | Near Social
Vicj2000 (Content writer)
cenwadike (Tech Content writer/Dev) cenwadike.near | Near Social
Moh (Graphics designer/Video Editor/Dev) mrmoh | Near Social
@evelyn (Graphics designer/Video Editor) Evelyn Sample | Near Social
@Kareemc2 (Translator) Kareem | Near Social
Qeeyah (Translator/CM)
mrudawaki (Translator/CM) Muhammad Rabiu Umar | Near Social
@damboy22 (Head of Partnerships) Damilola Oguntola | Near Social

Funding scheme: August (Monthly)



NEAR Protocol Nigeria was established to raise awareness about the NEAR blockchain and its potential applications to address the challenges faced by Nigeria as a nation.

Our main goals are as follows:

Expand the adoption of the NEAR Protocol in Nigeria by implementing and distributing this innovative technology to institutions of higher learning.

Provide cutting-edge information and resources to newcomers and experienced users in the blockchain world.

Provide user engagement, exploring activities and events as things continue to unfold in the NEAR ecosystem.

In the previous months, we have successfully conducted various activities on social media platforms such as Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Medium. For the month of August, our focus will be on these areas namely; education, onboarding, and building.

Defined Objectives

1. Education

To enhance awareness and understanding of NEAR Protocol and blockchain technology among the communities, we propose the following education initiatives for the month of August:

a. Bi-Weekly DApp Workshops
Conduct weekly workshops on decentralized applications (DApps - AstroDao and Mintbase) built on NEAR Protocol.

Each workshop will involve hands-on demonstrations of the DApps, allowing participants to gain practical experience using them.

Participants who successfully utilize the DApps will be eligible for a competition, and winners will be selected based on their level of engagement and effective utilization of the DApps.

b. Web2 Developer Training on BOS
Organize web2 developer training sessions focused on the NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS).
The training will occur once a week, providing developers with comprehensive insights into BOS functionalities and their integration with web2 technologies.
By the third week, we will assign specific tasks to the trained developers, encouraging them to apply their knowledge practically.
Rewards and incentives will be offered to developers who successfully complete the assigned tasks by the end of the month.

c. Articles and Translations
We plan to educate the community about near by creating two high-quality articles and make available 3 translated articles of the NEAR ecosystem into three of our community’s native Nigerian languages, Yoruba, Hausa, and Igbo, and then publish them on Medium. This is to engage more Nigerians for the NEAR ecosystem and also simplify the onboarding process as related to creation of Near.Social accounts, Near BOS and various products built on NEAR.

d. Educative Graphics and Videos
Also for the month we want to create visual contents in the form of infographics and videos to educate the community and simplify the onboarding process especially on the IamHuman verification process, use of key near products such as bOS, Near Social and Astro DAO.

e. Educative Weekly Trivial Nights
Conduct weekly Trivia nights, fostering community engagement and knowledge-sharing. Our educative weekly trivial nights will be on our near.social. Also any update made on any social will be first made on near.social.

d. AMA Sessions: We intend to have AMA sessions with our community to educate them more about Near Ecosystem and clarify some aspects on which the community finds it difficult in using or understanding Near products.

2. Onboarding

We plan to organize events and contests for onboarding new members into Near and inviting the existing ones to Near socials and other on-chain activities. Events such as referral contests, meme contests and giveaways.

In order to build more on-chain activities on Near we will be deploying the use of Astro DAO and Near Social for all onboarding events and activities.

Also we will plan our activities in a way that new and existing members that participate in our events and activities will need to pass through the IamHuman verification process.

To add up, we intend to foster further partnership with local businesses and organizations, student bodies, tech bodies and startups building in Nigeria to promote the use of the NEAR Protocol. This can help increase the number of transactions on the network as more businesses start accepting NEAR tokens as payment.

3. Building

For building we intend to create a bounty for community based Web2/Web3 devs to build widgets on NEAR BOS. Plan to build 1-2 usable widgets on bOS.



Task: Educate our community on key Near products through our online workshops, developer training, AMA sessions, graphical and video contents, articles and translations and online events.

KPIs: no of workshops, no of developers training classes, no of infographics and videos, no of articles and translations, no of contests, high contest participation, no of likes, views and comments.


Online Workshops and Developers Training
Conduct 2 online workshops on DApps and 1 online developer training class on NEAR Blockchain Operating System (BOS).
Achieve 15+ participation in each workshop and training session.

Poster Design:
Create a total of 15 high-quality posters for all activities, including workshops, developer training, and other events.

Articles and Translations
Publish 2 high-quality articles about NEAR Protocol and related topics.
Translate the articles into Hausa, Yoruba, and Igbo languages, reaching a wider audience in Nigeria.

Medium Engagement
Aim for 100+ claps with good comments on each Medium post, indicating high reader engagement and interest.

Infographics and Video Creation
Create 4 informative and visually appealing infographics monthly, providing valuable insights about NEAR Protocol.
Develop 1 video per month, showcasing NEAR’s potential and use cases.

AMA Sessions
Have 2 AMA sessions targeting on educating and enlightening the community about Near Ecosystem. Achieve 15+ participation in each AMA sessions.

Social Media Engagement
Achieve 20+ Likes with comments on each post shared on Near Social and Twitter, reflecting active community involvement.
YouTube Video Views:
Achieve 20+ views on the monthly video posted on YouTube, indicating successful outreach to the YouTube audience.

Educative Trivia night
Weekly (4) Trivia nights on our Near Social with 15+ participation in each trivia night.

Effective management and co-ordination of Workshops, AMA sessions and online events, graphics design, video creation and content Writing, Brainstorming and Ideation.

Budget: 1450 USDT


Task: Onboarding new members into Near through our activation events referral contests, meme contests and giveaways and business Partnerships. Also utilizing Astro DAO and Near Social for all onboarding events and activities to build more on-chain activities.

KPIs: Referral contests, meme contest, no of followers on Near Social, no users onboarded on IamHuman, high contest participation, no of business partnerships.

Metrics: 1 referral and meme contest, with 15+ participations with 2, 15+ followers on Near Social, 15+ users onboarded on IamHuman, 1 business partnerships.

Budget: 400 USDT


Task: To create a bounty for community based Web2/Web3 devs to build widgets on NEAR BOS.

KPIs: No of widgets built, no of bounty contests, no of participants.

Metrics: Build 2-3 usable widgets on bOS, I bounty contest, 15+ participants.

From bounty programs we will select 3 winners that created the most usable widgets.

1st price - $200
2nd Price - $150
3rd Price - $100

Technical management and co-ordination of the bounty program to thorough run-test each widgets created to make sure they are usable with no errors attached:

Employ Two experienced Web3 Devs ($150 each) - $300

Budget: 750 USDT

Total Budget: 2600 USDT

Near Wallet ID: near-nigeria.near

Astro DAO account: near-nigeria-plus.sputnik-dao.near

Name: Paul Oguntola

Telegram handle: @Paulp5000

Email: paulp5000@gmail.com

Thank you for your support!
@IgbozeIsrael @marketingdao-council @rc-admins


Good job @Paulp5000 and to fellow team players, this is really straight forward.


Nicely written @Paulp5000, we hope for the best.

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Hello! It’s great to have your proposal up again. I appreciate the patience of your team.
Just to clarify. How many widgets are we expecting to have from this?

You promised this for June. However, you have about 32 followers on near social only.

So, how, then, will your team achieve this for August?

I will advise your team to go over this RC-DAO KPIs - Google Docs and be sure to make the right impact. We hope to see a customised widget for your community to engage your members.

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Thanks for the review @IgbozeIsrael

For the month of August we are planning on creating a bounty program to bring in our web2/web3 community based developers to create/build 1-2 usable customize widgets on Near BOS for a start after then more widgets will be created in upcoming months.

Also for the month of August, we are planning on pushing out activities to the Max on Near Social as related to our Trivia night, Referral contest, meme contest, etc… through that we tend to build more followers with more on-chain activities thereby also reaching or even surpassed our KPIs for the month.

Thanks :+1:


Hello @IgbozeIsrael

Pls check the revised proposal.

Thanks :pray:

Innovative programs @Paulp5000. Looking forward to their executions…

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Hello brother.

Thanks for always following on.

You mean $10 for a follow?

Can you give specific numbers to this please?

What kind of bounty program please? Is it a widget building or…?

What should the community expect from this training? That we have anyone build a widget or a component on BOS?

Answers to these questions will help in moving this forward. Thanks, thanks


Thanks for the review @IgbozeIsrael

We have made all necessary amendments to the proposal in line with RC-DAO Budget Proposal.

Pls check on it. Thanks :pray:

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I like the onboarding process through educating web2 developers, with these lots of ideas could be created with BOS by Web2 devs. Continue doing the good work guys​:clap:


thanks for keeping up with the amendments @Paulp5000, we hope August will be a very successful month for us all.


Due to limited funding, @marketingdao-council are helping to support your proposal to be approved with $1500 for August. Thanks and we hope to see your team do more


Hello! @Paulp5000, your application was approved by RCDAO (part of the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO constellation). The proposal will be included in the following request to NDC Trust (on August 15th). Expected payment time - August 16th-August 31st. Some additional requirements may apply. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing


Thanks @IgbozeIsrael for your support

We will try our best in utilizing funds to carry out our activities for the month of August efficiently :pray:

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Thanks for the update @Dacha

Will follow up with more info from the NDC Marketing HUB telegram group. Thanks :pray:


Hello @Paulp5000 . Unfortunately, RCDAO couldn’t find support at Near Foundation because the current approach is not aligned with the Foundation’s strategy. Due to the specific limits and KPIs for August and September, NDC Trust cannot support this proposal. You can re-apply with focus ONLY on increasing:

  • of active Developers
  • of active Users and Transactions
  • of Tools on BOS

Marketing DAO councils and advisors will review it and approve/reject and send request to NDC trust. Please join our chat: Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing

Thank you!

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