[Rejected] Advertising Near Protocol

Hello, I’m Samuel Madu and my stage name is Ankarayw. I have being with the Near Protocol Community for 5month and i have contributed vividly to near and it ecosystem.

I talk to people about Near and I did some video to actually create an ad on Twitter and also on Facebook to target more than fifteen thousand people around Yaba, Lagos. Here is the link of the video below​:point_down:

I will be requesting for 200$ to promote it on social media. By doing this it will also build the Near community.


Thank you.



Are you planning on using this video?

Seems to me like a financial advice and the price of NEAR is not accurate with the present market situation.

Will you consider doing other videos that educates about the ecosystem more? That would be better mate!


Thank you . Doing other videos educating people about the ecosystem is a great idea :bulb:. Thanks

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Nice Video @Romanus

Can you tell us on Which Social Media You gonna Promote .
*How these One Video Will really impact new users to near *
Also Can you reduce the Background Song , Sometime It Bit not Understandable What you guyzz are talking about , If person not going to use earphones.

Thanks :zap:


@Albhion thank you… my major site for promoting it will be on Instagram and twitter since this two have very good engagement. I will also promote on facebook too. This will actually motivate and attract others in investing in Near Protocol since NEAR is indeed fast in rising, I will also do a writeup educating people about Near beneath the video and also the video stands as living testimony to others. And thanks for your observation :+1: i will look into reducing the music background. Thank you

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Good morning, any specific Twitter accounts or Facebook pages ?

  • Overall, looks good;
  • I believe you need to order T-shirts with Near Protocol logo for these guys who gonna create a promotion video.

Have a great day!

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Love the enthusiasm here!

Just chiming in with my 2c here.

The MarketingDAO is not a decentralised funding arm of the NEAR Foundation, in that regard, I don’t think proposals like this are what they’re trying to fund.

The video itself, audio, and video quality are sub-par IMO.

It discusses price which is:

A) Outdated

B) Bad taste

C) Doesn’t align with the NFs values and violates regulatory restrictions (if it were coming from NF, anyhow)

To me, this would be a hard no and I’d encourage Councils to review the content of the video before deciding, too.


@Dacha good afternoon here and thanks have your suggestion. Sure i have my Twitter @ankarayw, facebook @ankarayw and instagram @djankaraofficiall. Concerning the tshirt i really don’t have funds to do that but if the council can be of support towards that then it will be done. And they will have to do a video of appreciation to Near and the council member. Thanks a bunch

@David_NEAR Thanks for your observation sir. Due to their experience i told them to make a video so i can edit them. This video was done in less than two weeks but i took to the advice of @IgbozeIsrael to remake the video to it current standard. Thanks for the observation :+1:


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@Dacha i dont understand…please sir can you make me understand.

I concur with David.

A few extra notes:

  • Rather than funding specific videos, we are looking at funding a body of work. Show us not only one video, but a series of videos that demonstrate commitment to NEAR community, quality, and traction over time.
  • Promoted content in crypto is frowned upon. Would be best to aim for organic distribution as much as possible.
  • Final comment, a proposal for such a low amount would normally receive little scrutiny. However, I do believe that we have to take into account the quality of the work and the local costs in the region of the proposer. Otherwise we risk creating a negative cycle of incentives…




I will make another video but what your advice in doing a great job up to a good taste?

i don’t understand this? Please kindly explain.

What do you mean by “body of work”?

I have videos of people discuss about near and testimony, i only had to edit videos to make it one in order to promote it.

Own your distribution channels, build a brand and an audience - set up a YouTube channel, Tiktok twitter, etc. Have ongoing videos and content, etc.

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Oh… now i understand. Thank you @satojandro. Well i will work on that.

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@David_NEAR thank you very much… you are right and i did uploaded it on my account but can’t boast post due to poor quality. Thank you

Lovely but seriously it looks like a financial advise, if possible get individuals that know some bases about the ecosystem as this will promote the right Audience.
In Nigeria i noticed reason why the government is against blockchain is because we always preach about the Financial benefits, lets talk about how the ecosystem can help Nigeria in its various sectors


@damboy22 thank :pleading_face: you. You’ve touch my soul. You are right​:white_check_mark: i will work on it. Blessed

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