Regional Communities Working Group

Hello NEAR community!
Its a great time to be back with this great update.

Given the work that the GWGis meant to do. That is to present a working framework (NDC) which is to govern the community, it is great to see that a very important aspect of the community as this is to be considered.

We will remember that regional communities came in from the start, did much great work but later got halted and were unable to receive funding.

However, it is considered that this aspect of the community should NOT be left out and the GWG is presenting this to the community to consider.

Hence, we call on anyone who wants to join in the process of seeing that a perfect framework to govern regional communities be put up to join this Telegram group for a better brainstorming.

Also, you are encouraged to leave your inputs to this drafts out here.

Hoping to see your inputs to this.

Thanks, thanks.

We make NEAR better and better



We at NEAR NIGERIA are happy with this initiative and are ready to see t through


Hello everyone! The idea of regional community DAO derives from the poll [Feedback Requested] Gov. Framework Polling Round 4** - #2 by Dacha. So if you’re interested in the initiative, please join to NDC Regional community working group, additional link. Thanks, @IgbozeIsrael, for the draft and leadership.


Single step at a time…

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We are becoming a blockchain of politicians.

Politicians are often despised because they lack any practical experience or real expertise in any area, yet they seek to fabricate a reality merely by writing things on a piece of paper (laws, regulations, manipulating media, etc.)

There is a HUGE problem with this ‘politician’ culture we are creating:

  • Doesn’t matter whether you succeed or fail, you still get paid. Builders have real skin in the game, politicians (‘public servants’) have a salary.
  • Builders have to prove themselves - the ultimate test is whether you can get users and growth. Much harder to bullshit investor and free markets. Everyone can inspect your code, use your product, call your bullshit, and move on.
  • By contrast - politicians have regulatory monopolies. They sit on top of the ecosystem and leverage the power to write ever expanding regulation and ‘working groups’ to keep enshrining themselves in power.

The above doesn’t even cover corrupt politicians - on top of the mediocre work, and extractive nature with little value add, most politicians also get corrupted by power and start finding Creative ways to continue pilfering more and more funds.

In a short span of time we’ve already seen a region with little to no tangible inputs to the NEAR ecosystem demand to have special powers delegated to them based on race AND we’ve seen a proposal to create not just the Regional Working Group but ALSO a second sub-group - Regional Group Success Team - more jobs for more people who have never done much to grow their local communities but are perfectly positioned to extract value by sitting on top of others.

I am desperate to see regional growth. But we must be honest - we must be very selective on WHO is involved. I favour a bottoms up approach - show what you’ve done with your local community, come forward with real tangible ideas, be validated by others. I’ll follow the developers and builders from the region, people who show real alignment and understanding on NEAR strategic goals and needs. Not the same dropkicks that jump from one initiative to the next

I’m sick of seeing the exact same faces on these ‘governance’ groups that, as far as I can tell, don’t do much other than lobby for more power and bring back the ability to extract outrageous amounts of money in Creative ways.


I guess you read the two drafts wrongly.

Those two documents are targeted to become one.

How about you join the telegram group and we make progress on the drats and saturday call.

This is the idea that we seek.

One problem is that people who seems to know these as you don’t want to be directly involved in building these processes.

It will be great to have you make your contributions Sir.


Hairen has eyes, ears, ways to contribute and allies everywhere.

Sharing initial thoughts here.

Will continue contributing in the other channels.

Hairen may not always operate under the same identity, but he is there.


However, i would love you to get involved in these drafts.

I read your stuff on the forum here and hope the day you get to make these impact to shape the system while its been built.

If we don’t come together to build strong, we end up having the old ways we planed to change.


Any chance to have a call with you?

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Glad to see community guild being revamped.

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Amazing, this a nice restart :rocket:


Hey @hairen!

Right now I’m working on the same thing in RC WG! Let’s do a call together with @Dacha and discuss what we can do to prevent corruption and the situation with bot/inefficient communities!

Also, you can join our investigation of previous communities’ work.

Write me in telegram @kiskesis

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Power and vanish.
Soul problem or soul less.