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Following up on this thread

We submitted the proposal to build ReFi Starter - Launchpad on NEAR Protocol

In our constant effort to build dApps of global user on top of NP.

After the discouraging and non-constructive answer from David Garcia, we keep thriving.

With or without the support of NF, we will build ReFi Starter with ReFiDAO and other ReFi community we have been communicating for several months. If NF and NP support we make it exclusive on NP.

ReFi starter is already onboarding projects related to ReFi, DeSci, ReSci, DeSoc, ReSoc, and environmental initiative in the need of fundraising. As it is urgent to tackle the daily-growing pollution and all other urgent problems the Planet is suffering.


We have a team of scientists and tech team ready to crunch the Launchpad and start onboarding projects.


Quick follow up on this

We start managing the ReFi DAO Mexico City chapter, you guys would not believe the quality of the 10 projects we have in hand. As well we have access to about 50 more projects around LatAm. It turned that LatAm is not like USA where toxic capitalism rules and many people got affected.

LatAm has more consciousness in their blood and we all want to bring true real impact through Web3.

As ReFi Mexico is chain agnostic, we can onboard and empower Teams deciding to build their project on NEAR Protocol.

Other L1’s are taking advantage and forming incubators, accelerators and grant programs specially to ReFi Teams.

Kind of Sad to see NEAR with only OPF which runs a private and not very inclusive agenda, RAIZ is cool but in comparison with other L1’s on Beta gathering already like really good projects like really really good projects, NP has BOS, a chain in alpha and a vibrant community.

Please let make it happen.

Give us a follow >



@Alpar_NEAR has silenced the ReFiMExico account on NEAR Gov

ReFi Mexico is unable to post on gov near because @Alpar_NEAR flagged the account, what is the explanation in this? and who is this anon?

Hey @osc.near ,

For the record, it wasn’t me who silenced their account - in fact, I’ve already lifted the system issued temporary silence once.

Prior to this event, I advised @ReFiMexico not to post under 4-5 months old forum threads, especially when replying to other users old comments, but create new threads to post under.

Newly created accounts posting under old, dormant threads is classified as suspicious, bot-like behavior, and the automatic moderating system takes action accordingly.
Those settings exist for the benefit of the whole community using the Forum.

I want to stress, if the @ReFiMexico account wants to avoid period system issued penalties, all they have to do is to make a new post every once in a while.

Once again, they have been unsilenced.


Circling back on this…any update?

this is censorship enforcement. Let us be. Let the internet be FREE.

This totally goes against the nature of the internet, and 10x the nature of Web3.

We are just trying to drow ReFi Mexico on NEAR PRotocol. But you turned us down. Hope you are happy now.

No updates on this. We trying to post and engage with @ReFiMexico account but they enforce censorship and silent our efforts.

However, The TEAM from @ReFiMexico continue crushing it day after day, growing the community, continuing onboarding organic farmers, carbon projects, and lots of community and environmental initiatives, and engaging with Blockchain supporting the development of Public Goods.

I already provided evidence that refutes this claim in my post above. I also explained why it happened, and presented an easy solution to ensure it won’t happen again: simply by starting a new thread to share an update.

I don’t think that this would be a huge ask on a forum.

We trying to post and engage with @ReFiMexico

I feel it might be worth pointing out something that would be evident to anyone who takes a glance at the public profile of @ReFiMexico - the account hasn’t logged in since October of last year.

I’m not sure I understand why do you feel the need to make claims that our untrue and easily fact-checked.

The ReFi Mexico team would always be welcome to post updates of their activities and progress. I’m sure many in the community would be interested to learn more about your initiatives! :muscle:

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Dude, please I am NOT getting paid to engage and argue with you at all. Probably you do, but I’m not. Respect the time of the people working for the community and investing their own life-time on this chat. I am not here to argue with you. No further communication is welcome regarding this topic Please stop it.

It is too late to post initiatives here, at least speaking from myself, there are other 2 members at ReFi Mexico, they maybe engage on this. I am done here.

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Posting this screenshots from the 29 groups I have ben banned to work for ReFi on NEAR. Even if I was the first person proposing ReFi on NEAR through this post. I even added people from ReFiDAO to the chats and helped to fill out the groups, after that I was banned.

I also trusted the members of @nearefi with the login access of the Twitter account I created on August 2022. Which they changed the password and logged me out.

All the work and involvement was taken was not only not recognized but ripped appart from my side.

After we discusss at NEARCON3 about this, I still banned and unable to add value to ReFi on NEAR. Which again rely on this initial post to verified I was the first person proposed to do Quadratic Funding of Public Good on NEAR. But still I am banned and unable to add value to ReFi on NEAR.

Now it is too late, as I am not able to contribute anymore. I leave this for the record.

How can this happened?

@David_NEAR @Cameron @plugrel @blaze @MarcusNEAR

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