Recording A Valentine Song Titled "My Boo"


Hi, I’m Gabriel.

One of the highlights of last year for me was to have had my set used for the Marma J Chan birthday party in December.

That event created a spark of creativity that led me to writing 4 new songs.

Thanks to Marma J, I have 4 wonderful songs.

I’m currently in the process of completing recording one of them - “My Beau” - but I’m now stuck because of funding.

I am hoping to release it for Valentine’s Day celebrations - something for lovers to groove to.

I am having issues funding the recording of the song and I wondered if Marma J could help me with funding.

Since the song was inspired by Marma J’s birthday party, we could split proceeds after I mint it on Mintbase. I propose to give 80% of the proceeds to Marma J Foundation.

The Knot

Although currently unpaid for, the recording is underway - nearly completed, in fact. The tracking is done and all the work that’s left is with the producer (i.e. mixing, mastering, etc.) The biggest knot is that Valentine’s Day is a mere 4 days away (by my time zone). If this recording could be funded, it would be expedient to expedite it so that the song could indeed be ready by the 14th.


On or before the 14th of February
(Valentine’s Day)

Name: Gabriel

Near Account: cryptomuse01.near

Requested Funds: 21 $Marmaj

Benefits for Marmaj

• Marmaj logo and website on my cover art for the song
• 80% of the mint proceeds go to The Marmaj Foundation. (I will mint the song as an NFT on Mintbase)

Thank you.

Here’s a Google Drive link to a snippet of the song (which is still under production)

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Hi Gabriel,

Thank you for discussing this proposal during today’s Marma J Foundation community call. It was great to hear your vision for this project. We listened to the sample that you put in our Telegram group and love the vibes.

We would like to approve this proposal for a payout of 10 $marmaj tokens. For this payout, we would like you to mint this song as a Valentine’s Card on the Marma J Cards store with a snippet of the audio (My Boo) and Marma J branded cover art.

We have added you as a minter on the Marma J Cards store.

If you are in agreement with this, please use the link to the NFT (minted on the Marma J Cards store) in your payout proposal on the DAO.

If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or message us in the Telegram chat!

cc: @chloe


Thank you very much. I’m happy to be added as a minter in the Marma J card store.

Unfortunately, 10 Marmaj tokens will not cover the costs of concluding the project.

Is there any way it could be increased?

Thank you.

Thank you.

I am in agreement with the terms and the funds.


I’d love to proceed with the payout. A little help, please?

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