[PROPOSAL] ZON-Verse DAO Writers - October

Hello Near Community,

In order for ZON-Verse to captivate the reader and in order to continue to have them reading and wanting more for each comic release, ZON-Verse will have writers. Each writer will:

Create a storyline around a character that will involve the creation of other new characters to support the original character = $300

Total = $300

Each storyline for a comic book will grant an additional $300 up until 5 total comics have been written for each character. Once that point is reached we will then consider making more comics or transitioning to a different character.

You write then requested amount is 300 $, after that you write:

Does it mean, that total requested founds is 1500$?
Where can we find your DAO and previous comics?
Can you also link previous proposal and report?
Who are the writers? Will you pick them by open call or in another way?


This has been linked to the proposal and the DAO.
The request can go up to $1500 but we only take stories one at a time so its only $300