Hello Near Community,

ZON-Verse will feature a ton of different characters created by our writers, and our artist. We will encourage artist to bring their own ideas or create them from scratch to add them into the ZON-Verse.

Artist(s) will be tasked with:

  • Completion of frames for the comic
  • $50 per frame completed and uploaded
  • Each comic will consist of 50 frames
  • Each Page will consist of 5 frames
  • Each page uploaded must be signed “off” by the Art Director
  • Each Artist can complete up to 20 frames per month. $1000

Total =$1000

This month we will not be paying for character splash arts this month. Only for the payment of creating the panels for the comics we already have stories for. Once more comics are out we will be able to open up payment for new character splash arts, and new character comics.

Hello! I am Rabukome. I’m Currently an Artist in Zon-verse. The artist that is loved and best known for drawing with Stars and Creating Wonderful Havocs of Colors and Lines!

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