[PROPOSAL] Yoga videos - 5 videos

[PROPOSAL] Yoga videos

A set of 5 yoga video classes with infused proposals.


We will set up a series of designated yoga videos to fill some proposals like: stretch after a long day; yoga for pregnants; yoga to get focus and so on.

This will make more people connected with Spiritual DAO, and then, with Near Protocol.

To provide relaxation and skill for our community.

the project

  • 5 yoga videos with instructions to achieve a goal. 5 x 100USD - 500USD


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of June 2022

Final products

5 yoga videos uploaded in Youtube and minted in Mintbase

Subtotal: 500USD

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Hey @beetlejuice , same question here as the other topic, who will be involved in creating these videos?

Hellow @ted.iv , how are you?

we will open a post to people put samples of videos of them doing and teaching yoga. We believe that we have yoga teachers here, but if we dont find anyone here, we can search for teacher outside NEAR and bring them here .

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I’m good thanks :slight_smile:

Ok, thanks for the info. Maybe onboarding some yoga teachers that you know personally could help guarantee results and also introduce new members to the community here, but that’s just a suggestion.


[REPORT] Yoga videos

Project participants




Project Status Completed(waiting close the files)

Project Accounting

We create 5 yoga edited videos with yoga teacher

What we have accomplished in june

We recorded 5 yoga videos and edited them like following:

  • full body flow
  • what is yoga?
  • the Tristana method
  • Surya namaskar
  • Deep hip opening

(we are in a rendering moment and due to errors we are still finishing them)


We are very happy with the result, but realize that we need to give some guidelines for the yoga teachers for better content. Our audio engineer is creating those guidelines.

Next Steps

Continue to record yoga videos with other teachers and other subjects

Here is our Yoga class videos <3

We had a problem in mintbase, so we are trying to fix to mint all the videos asap.

Hope you all enjoy

we add this content in the main report too