[Proposal] Theme Song for Marma J Foundation

Hello Beautiful People,

My name is Larry.
I am presenting a proposal to write and compose a Theme Song for the Marma J Foundation. Lyrics of the song will hinge on the values and works of the Marma J Foundation; Spreading Love and Positivity.

The song will be minted after it’s successful completion and proceeds will go to the Marma J Foundation

Timeline for completion of project
End of June 2022

Name: Larry

Near Account: larrsfiaskid.near

Requested Funds: 21.19 $marmaj

Benefits for Marma J
• Marma J logo and website on my cover art for the song
• 100% of the mint proceeds go to The Marma J Foundation.

Looking forward to your approval and also to getting started with the project

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@chloe @bianca

I didn’t get a response to this. Is there a particular reason for this?

Hey sorry, I missed this post initially.

Some questions:

How specifically does the logo being added to the cover art support the marmaj Community?

Why would the marmaj DAO fund 21.19 marmaj for a project with the benefit being more funding?

Who are you expecting to purchase the theme song in order for funds to be raised?

Personally, it seems like a theme song could be created at any time, and would not necessarily require funding in order to be created.

Once a theme song was created and minted, then the marmaj Community could decide if they wanted to collect the NFT. At the moment, I’m not sure I see the value proposition here for the marmaj Community.

We appreciate the proposal.