[Proposal] Telegram AMA Proposals Sept 2021

Hey there,

For the last month I’ve been collecting Google Forms: Sign-in and filtering telegram Marketing Proposals
in cooperation with @jcatnear @Benz_Near @stanisnear

We would like to give a start for local AMA sessions.

We have chosen 7 small Community Groups for this month
These groups have around 1-10k members each and require 200-400$ to host an AMA on their channels.

You can see all the details on the chart below for each group.

What will be done:
1- the host will create a banner and post a tweet about AMA. 2-3 days prior to the AMA
2- collect questions about the AMA under this tweet (also asking to join our telegram and follow our twitter
3- before the day of the AMA we will receive and prepare answers for the questions on both their local language and in English as well.
4- the group will host the AMA on their community chat and distribute the rewards for the chosen questions.

goal: is to raise awareness of Near Protocol in Local Communities and attract new community members to our Community Channels.
expected reach of audience after these event series: 100-150k people
expected follower return after event completion: 5-10k people.

Total Requested amount for 7 AMA’s (host+rewards) 2250$ = 275.4 Nears

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Excellent! I believe this AMAs will have a positive impact in our communities!

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thanks mate. let’s see how this works.

Amazing job as always @KriptoRaptor , let’s keep growing!

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thanks friend :wink:
much more to come. we will discuss together

This is awesome!

Who’ll be attending the AMA from the NEAR side? Or are we restricting it to pre-asked questions only?

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Written pre-asked questions will be collected and answers will be posted on the host’s chat on the day of the AMA. It will be me @jcatnear ? or one of us. Or any AMA expert is welcome