[PROPOSAL] Tecno Chert Project

Tecno Chert Project

Proposed by: @NatLoyola and @Vxz

What is it about?

Tecno Chert is an art research project aiming to develop poetic inquiries in order to understand the relation between stone and technology. Space, time, environment and virtual reality are structural key points of the research work. For this first phase of the project the methodology will focus on field work within two spheres of understanding: physical space and virtual space.

Our proposal started to form after we were invited to participate as artists to the first edition of the artistic residency Poliedro, which was conceived by Incubadora DAO. As a first set of results coming from the discussions and our desire to widen the scope of our research, we managed to do two field trips: the first one was a visit to the neolithic site of the Cromeleque dos Almendres near Évora, southern Portugal, the second one was an excursion to Passadiços do Penedo Furado, Cabril do Ceira e Sever do Vouga, in central Portugal.

During this first phase, our goal consists in two action lines. Firstly, we wish to follow up on the research that was started and produce some initial results, which should be transposable as NFTs in the Mintbase. Secondly, we would like to begin what we will call Almanaque (almanac): a structured, systematized research on existing works which use different approaches to deal with the subject of stone and technology.

What are we proposing?

Our proposal is structured in cycles, which will be divided in a set of phases within a timeline.

Cycle 1. The skin of earth.
Approaching the subject through virtual field work.

Virtual field trip;

from mai.art to didatico.igc: sensorial mapping: entity and being:

geological mapping from within the human being;
stone-being and human-being both are states of being of geobiodiversity;
from grain to pixel, the speck in the frontal camera’s eye.

At the end of the first month of work, we will deliver the 1st experimental report + 3 NFTs, as well as the project evaluation and development of the next cycle.

Future cycles to be tackled

Cycle 2. Tearing skin

Cycle 3. The time of the metamorphic wound

Cycle 4. For a litho-epistemology


Cycle 1 - The skin of earth

Month 1 - Natalia + Victor

Theoretical inquiry / stone and technology
Collecting works on stones - Virtual work field
Elaborate the 3 NFTs and post on mintbase
Monthly report - experimental report 1

Amount: 400U$ for the first month of the project.

Short bio

Natália (Campinas, 1981) has a degree in Social Communication - Journalism (PUC Campinas) and is also finishing her Masters in Anthropology - Visual Cultures at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her research is primarily focused on the exercise of meticulous observation of places she circulates, especially throughout urban landscapes. Her photographs are a construction of visual territorial markers of her own migratory process, all seen from her interactions with the city itself and its inhabitants. Natália’s images stem from her personal archive of memories but also her ability to map out her own imaginary fields through the appropriation of physical spaces. As Natalia explores the issues related to displacement and movement, the simple act of walking around the city symbolizes the artist’s attempt to enunciate herself within the territories she documents. Walking becomes a bodily critical exercise, where the body itself operates as a printing machine of its own meanings. She currently lives in Portugal.

Victor Gonçalves (São Paulo, 1989) has a degree in Geography from UNESP (2013) and studied visual arts - drawing at Ar.Co in Lisbon. He worked as a teacher for three years in public schools in Brazil, in addition to coordinating cultural and educational projects in the Heliópolis favela (SP). He won the Young Scientist award (CNPQ / FAPESP) for using drawing as a methodology for analyzing the daily use of public space. In 2020 he had a video selected for the Dobra festival at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro. In the same year he participated in the artistic residency - Grão in Aveiro, Portugal. In 2021 he had his first solo exhibition entitled “Por um Fio” curated by Cristiana Tejo at NowHere, this year he participated in the Nectart artist residency in Barcelona with the exhibition at Espronceda gallery in July within the Art Nou festival. The issues of space, material and affections are the central element of his artistic research and subjects such as matter, movement and time are the devices. Going from drawing as a scientific methodology to drawing as an artistic investigation, he makes his work an act of reading and creating places. He has participated in collective exhibitions in Brazil and Portugal having as his most recent work the installation in the Encruzilhada project, Lisbon, Portugal. He is currently part of the Risco Coletivo and NowHere groups. Victor lives and works between São Paulo and Lisbon.


Yah!!! Like a rolling stone! :smile: :mountain:


Hi @Vxz and @NatLoyola,

First of all thank you for submitting your proposal! We have been debating your project and we feel that at this stage your proposal is not yet ready for the December Incubadora Vertical budget. We feel the project still needs to be solidified and budgets required for the different cycles clarified. Plus, this month we are giving priority to projects that never got support, and since this proposal was born from the Poliedro Residency, for which there was already a fair amount of support, it’s more reasonable for us to support other projects.
We feel, as it stands, your project aligns much more with our Artists Stipend program which is really to support ideas that are still in the early stages of their development and that require less outcome. We would then invite you to apply to the third edition of the artist stipend open call which is happening in January.


Yess, awesome to see that Poliedro planted seeds and that your idea is expanding :smiley: Thank you for sending this proposal. As @chaveirinha pointed out we open our Stipend Program every 2 months and you are more than welcome to apply :slight_smile:


First of all, thanks for the reply, @chaveirinha . I understand the points mentioned and will apply them to the next edition of the Stipend Program. :slight_smile:


Juuu, yes. It was so important to have contact with this new word. I’m glad that to be part of the first Poliedro residence. TMJ!


Great! Looking forward to see your proposal there