[Proposal] Supporting Traditional Indian Artists on Naksh

Hello NEAR Fam,
As KalakendraDAO aims to educate more artists to create art however we have to agree that there is an imbalance in the supply & demand curve as the supply is more but the demand is very less.

We need more collectors and that’s where we decided to support the traditional Indian artists who have already made the leap by buying their NFTs which are listed on the Naksh platform.

We will be buying NFTs worth $1500 and will be listing again on the KalakendraDAO store.

Total: $1500.

Thank you.


Hey @gurubaran very cool initiative, can you give some more details of how the NFTs will be chosen to buy? and will you be buying them via the Astrodao? Seems like a big spend on NFTs.

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Hey! I like the initiative, but i dont get if you are asking for funding to buy NFTs, i assume you are as you stated your post as a proposal!

If that’s the case, please follow this guide!

Hi @ted.iv Currently India is a Niche market for web3 and NFTs, especially a way lot of artists budding into the web3 space, and Naksh being an Indian Culture centric curated NFTs marketplace built on NEAR it is difficult to onboard artists and create the economy out for the artist on the platform, this 1500 USD will help the artist in motivating in making more NFTs on naksh as well as be USP for new onboarding Artist. Kalakendra DAO Plays a crucial role in supporting this demand curve of NFTs and NAKSH.

Kalakendra DAO will purchase NFTs from its own Wallet kalakendradao.near as we don’t have Astrodao integrated store. the NFTs will be selected by the Naksh Cofounders themselves. The Idea is to support artists and collect a lot of NFTs for the Kalakendra Store.

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hey, @Benz_Near this is an internal proposal to kalakendra DAO to support artists on the Naksh platform. this request is not related to Marketing DAO

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