[Proposal] Supporting New Certified Artisans Physical Crafts into NFTs

Supporting Physical Craft Artisans

When we pay Artisans to get the needed materials to make a particular product, We collect The Physical Crafts and Put it on our Physical Store, Then We Take Professional Photos of the products, so we can have quality NFTs to mint them as.

However the NFT will represent the physical products, which means when anybody buy the NFT, they will also be given/shipped to the physical product.

The Royalty split agreement between The Artisans and Family DAO is 50% to 50%

We wanna have our physical shop very soon whereby we can show all our stuff, and anybody that is attracted to buy will have to be Onboarded so as to use NEAR DAPP and wallet to buy.

It means will have to educate them how blockchain market works!

We want to onboard Dabel & The GUDIE,

For the purpose of introducing them into the NEAR BLOCKCHAIN MARKET COMMUNITY,

Educate and enlighten them about the NEAR NFTs and DAPP, Metaverse, Decentralization and how it works.

To create their product in which they are specialized in with us.

While they create the physical products, they will take professional quality photo of the product, to mint on paras, gorillashops and mintbase.

The works will be shared by themselves on NEAR.SOCIAL and also their social media, to announce about their NFT products

Their account will be added to our AstroDAO On- Chain membership.

What To Produce,

GUDIE makes real handmade high quality shoes. She received the COUNTY OF ORAGE certificate of Recognition award in California in 2021

GUDIE’s brand to make unique customized 2 pairs of shoes (male & female)

She’s got 4 workers to join alongside on the onboarding

Dabel Is a digital & Oil on converse artist and she makes designs on Jacket and Wears

She’s is to make 3 customised Jackets with her design infused with NEAR Logo on it.


To onboard 6 new artisans

To create 2 shoes (physically),

To Create 3 customized jackets

Take Professional photos of the products for Minting as NFTs

GUDIE to record the creation process of the shoes so we can upload it on YouTube to create awareness to our DAO.

NFT link of the products. Also will be added to the YouTube information so viewers can check out

To mint 5 NFTs

To educate them about decentralization, NEAR, DApps etc.

To add them to our on-Chain member.

Cost of production for GUDIE Brand $300

Cost of production for Dabel $300

Total: $600

they will request for the funding their selves on our astro DAO



@DUCHESS1 @Jummyk