(Proposal) Spirityut Guild let it out Freestyle Session

let it out Freestyle Session:

Beatdao is a great Dao already in the ecosystem and has been achieving great deeds at an early stage, we are glad to be closely affiliated with BeatDao.
We plan a freestyle session for community artistes and music lovers to help the creatives display themselves and exercise their music spirit while entertaining attendees, we want to entertain the community with this and make it POP. This is a Freestyle session that will be hosted by Spirityut Dao and we would be receiving quite a number of beats monthly for this online event show in particular which musical creatives will be dropping live bars to or singing to. The Beats would come from the Beat Dao.
We shall be doing this basically to ensure the artistes get to express themselves, we do this so the NEAR ecosystem can have a great time at the freestyle show, music is life and this is one of the things that can get the crowd a great time. We also do this so as to create value for the Near Blockchain.
For this show, we will have 5 musical artistes each month to display, they will have a particular beat which they will freestyle to and each separate beats to also display to and there would be 3 winners that will leave with 50 dollars in NEAR for the month, after all Council of Spirityut would have selected winners. This would be done monthly as a music Dao involving the community and its artistes.
We shall give out bounty to 1 community artist for this month to also get a chance to earn as he/she will be making the flyer for this event. We would rotate each month Musicians and artist for competition and art work for “let it out” event. $30 would be paid to artist for the art work making. We are partnering with @becopro and @klarakopi so they can give this event a nice design in cryptovoxels, we would also be displaying our NFTS made with BeatDao and Nxm at the event. An extra cost of $50 would be needed to beautify the voxels space and we shall be paying that to The designers of the event.
This event will be marketed and will bring new musicians into the ecosystem to be part of our stories henceforth.

Date for event 28th July.

These resources will go directly into their wallets.

Total amount requested for
$50 x3 for 3 lucky winners
$30 for flyer creation
$50 for Decoration

Total = $230

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