[Proposal] September 2022 Social Media marketing Budget__C1 Guild

Greetings to you all and welcome to Ember months.

August was a fruitful month for C1 social media pages, we had 56.4% increase in impression and 99.6% increase on profile visit on twitter and it is quiet the same news or better across all other social media platforms and I look forward to doubling our results in September. Click here to see our August report :point_down:

1)For September, we need infographics to aid content generation for our social media platforms this also includes fliers and artworks for our inter community AMA sessions. This AMA sessions are part of our intentional moves to learn more about other communities in the Near ecosystem and identify how we can work together to build synergies that will help promote the Near community in general. Also, our intra community AMA sessions for the recently onboarded members of the community and C1 weekly community hangout via twitter space among other things.

2)We would love to expand our social media presence to other platforms hence, we are looking towards building our YouTube channel to attract larger audience to our video contents like the C1 creative workshop interviews where artists speak about their art, the message and inspiration.
Kindly check it out here :point_down:

Graphic designs and infographics


Social media manager:

Total proposed amount in USD:
300 USD

Wallet: blessedchidi.near

@reespect @Dedeukwu @JCB


Happy to support! Have great day!


Hi @Blessedchidi
Thanks for the proposal. The creative angles and efforts are inspiring to see but there isn’t a direct line that ties wallets being created and value generated for the ecosystem.

Also having checked out the videos on your youtube channel, I think you need to grow the audience a bit more before we can fund another month. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEJ-7fcqJ3Oie_1hiH8lSPw

It’s a no from me.

Hello! Firstly, I will like to thank you for recognizing our efforts and creativity as this sincerely warms my heart but, inasmuch as I believe wallet creation is important as it means more users (community growth), i know that we are doing much more than creating wallets. Also, keep in mind that this proposal is all about social media marketing so it’s basically focused on promoting the guild and it’s activities and by extension, the Near ecosystem.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, your comment “before we can fund another month” implies that you’re under the impression that we’ve received funding for YouTube in the past, this is incorrect as this is the first time we are making funding request for YouTube and the fund is for growth purposes which you agreed is needed.
Thank you for your time.