[PROPOSAL] SEJAMAN by SvaraDAO for July 2022

Council members:




SEJAMAN is a monthly activity by Svara DAO. SEJAMAN itself is a word in Bahasa which mean “in one era” so we hope that this program is relevant and relatable to this era of change into web3 ecosystems. SEJAMAN is also mean “One Hour-ish” which mean that the participant could join this contest in less than an hour from idea process until the submission, that make this contest is a quick fun way to collaborating and hassle-free contest.

This contest is designed to encourage the networking within the SvaraDAO members. It is a contest, so all the members can also get an appreciation for their work. It is a collaboration contest because we need to educate all the members how the collaborative environment in the web3 world will be. In this program, all the members will do a live collaboration without leaving the convenient of their own studios as in the web3 environment all the creative things and work can be done remotely. It is also a video contest, so all the members will be getting accustomed to video work also due to the web3 workflow that push people to do various work creatively.

How to participate:

  • All members that want to participate should find partner to do a remote collaboration and submit a one-minute videos (think like TikTok duet format)
  • All the participants can edit the video as creative as possible
  • The contest will be a cross genre, which means all musician can participate in it
  • There will be 3 winners in this contest

1st place - $100
2nd place - $75
3rd place - $50
Total - $225

Terimakasih, Svara DAO Councils
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