[PROPOSAL] Sacred Waters DAO

Hi yes we are aware is .2 Near to onboard but we want to give the extra Near to have enough to submit proposals and get active without any barriers :herb:


They are the people already involved in this cause. Thet need the wallets to onboard and become part of the DAO and submit proposals.

The bounties are for the artist to create NFTs showcasing the biodiversity that is at risk if we dont change the MAYAN TRAIN rount back to the highway.


The events will be held virtually and in place in Playa del Carmen and Tulum. We will create the presentations visualsnand videos to help people understand how to onbard, what we can do with the DAO in terms of organization, proposals, votes, transparency, NFTs.

I have a meeting with our group next Thursday to present an inicial proposal for the events so dont have the dates yet. But it should be in the coming weeks.

We also have one of our council members in Mexico city onboarding artists for NFTs and enviromentalists that support this effort from there.

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  1. Who are these people? Why do they need the wallets? and How will they use them?

These people are environmentalists, scientists, speleologists, biologists, divers, and concerned citizen who want to see the route of the Mayan Train changed back to the highway where it will be less environmentally damaging. They need wallets because we are onboarding them to an AstroDAO that will enable them to organize and work together in a transparent yet secure way. They will use the wallets to interact with the DAO, NFTs, and NFT marketplaces.

  1. Please describe where and when will be events? The program of each event? Expected visitors?

Mich spoke with the group and they would like the events to be in-person as well as digital. We will need to pay for the space, projector, and coffee service.

Does NEAR have swag btw?

We will have 2-3 virtual/physical events before the end of the month. We will work with leadership to determine the specific days and times. The aim will not only be to help them get on board but prepare them to help others. We will explain it to them in way that helps them know how to share with others. We will do the events in Spanish and English. We will record the events as the primary footage for a comprehensive set of self-onboarding materials in Spanish and English.

Run of event

  1. Everyone meet and synchronize 1 hour ahead
  2. Host opens the evening
  3. Welcome/Overview
  4. DAOs, how the DAO work, and how Sacred Water DAO can benefit the group
  5. Reflections in breakout groups and quick report backs
  6. Act along demo of getting wallet and submitting a proposal to the DAO to be a member
  7. Talk about how people can get involved with the Sacred Water DAO and how to get started
  8. Reflections in breakout groups and quick report backs
  9. Next steps for the Sacred Water DAO
  10. Networking and support in with wallets and DAO

We expect 50-100 visitors between the 2-3 events. Our first goal is 50 full fledged DAO members by the end of the month.

  1. Please describe each of the 7 bounties.

We are still in consultation with the group leaders about this. One of types of bounties that we are considering is a call for proposals for content around the mapping of natural wonders that can take the form of art NFT, a blog post, a promo video or documentary, and other visual documentation. We’re not ready to launch the bounties now so we think it is prudent to keep them open to see what ideas concretize after we onboard the leadership on Thursday.


Thank you for being more specific. I’m still at work and had to give pretty quick answers :pray: Hope this helps everyone understand the proposal better :hibiscus:

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Great. That’s much clearer.
I need to mention, that onboarding-dao supports onboarding events with a budget of no more than 500$.

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Hi Mr Free,

Thanks so much for sharing that info.

  1. How could we submit for $500 to the onboarding-dao?

  2. Is there any specific advice that you have for us other than update to include the specifics and cut the ask?

  3. Are there any cutoffs that we should know about?

Thanks so much!

Hi @shiftshapr ,

I do not approve proposals myself, there are other councils.
Need to think about how to organize it the best.
The idea: 350$ funding for new wallets (probably we will provide you with 50-75 neardrop-links (0.3N (enough to activate wallet, connect to astrodao and create a proposal with 0.1N Bond )*74 = 22.2N ~ 370$ )and 150$ is the reward for onboarding events (probably via bounty).

@FritzWorm @zubairansari07 @kc_sollano @Symbolik @NatalieCrue what do you think?


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Yep we can help them to onboard Nearcomers, and thats a good plan.

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I do believe that this is a great action for the planet. :white_check_mark:

But still I have been helping with onboarding events and creating NFTs as showcase like Christmas gift and so on, for free, if the artists really care about the enviroment this can be done without funding.

If you present the same to the Onboarding DAO we will love to help your initiative with $500, you start building the community who cares for the Sacred Waters and then you can come up with other activities, and I will love to help you on the next steps too.



Hi all,

Thanks for your proposal and for doing this work.

It looks like @FritzWorm is open to helping support onboarding of wallets through Onboarding DAO and potential next steps too which is awesome!

For the remaining budget I believe the moderators are looking for a bit more information to fully understand that your project is more than just an onboarding request.

It would be helpful if you could give more detail around the 7 NFTs & 2-3 Events you will host in separate posts that are linked to this overall proposal. The separate posts allow for organization of the proposals while distinguishing between different initiatives within an overall proposal request.

Good examples of this are:


Thanks so much! What are our next steps?

Is this what you are thinking?

  • $350 funding for ~70 wallets @ 0.3N (enough to activate wallet, connect to astrodao and create a proposal with 0.1N Bond )
  • $150 to organize the onboarding online call

Super apreccciate your help and imput!

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Gracias Adrian, this is very helpful. We will look into it and update with more specific information on the topics you mention.


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Thanks so much @FritzWorm.

@regentulummich just posted a proposal on the onboarding-dao per your suggestion.



Thanks so much Adrian for your input. We are working on the changes you suggested and we will be posting an updated version of the proposal later today.


Thanks, I saw you received $5000 4 days ago into your DAO, I am glad you already receive a good funding.

Will be great if you get in touch with other members from Near Mexico, you could cross collab.

Edit: I just confirmed that you are indeed in Collab with Near Mexico members that’s great !

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Yes we are already in collab with them for our original projects in Regen Tulum and Tulum Coin. The idea of organizing the asociations, scientist, divers, and citizens came precisely because I was taking the NCA training while working from the begining with this Mayan Train group and saw how important was for them to organize with a DAO and the oportunity to onboard all these people in the Near Ecosystem. Just had a very good meeting with the leadership to start the onboarding and it looking like is going to become a huge movement that will grow beyond this cause, because all of this people have been fighting for decades to save this natural wonders. They love it and will send you our presentation when ready. We will start onboarding people this Sunday during our beach clean up event.
Thank you for you help. And keep in touch because our work will speak for itself. :heart::pray::heart:

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Thanks so much Adrian for this!

Question: How does one add a DAO to the forum as a subcategory with its own subcategories? Would we be under the Creatives DAO?


You are welcome! If I understand your question, you just need a tag with your DAOs name which I just made and edited into your post! You can use that tag in any future post to easily access all your activity in the forums.