[APPROVED] Retrato Falado February

Hello folks,

Our pilot episode finally is on air.

Retrato Falado is a conversation between the photographer and a relevant personality, where during the interview, we will build the image as the photo shoot develops.

For this pilot we invited Nina Guimarães, a resident artist from Belo Horizonte who, despite her young age, already has a lot of experience in the Brazilian music scene.

From this interview the 5 most impactful photos were transformed into NFT and will be available for sale in our mintbase.

After the finalization of this pilot episode, we were able to realize the real potential of the talk show, with 4 episodes per season. So we intend to launch a full series.

During the production process of the first episode, we observed and learnt a lot of aspects to develop the next ones in an even more interesting way (including about the sound that will improve on the next episode).

Tell us what you think about this pilot and fell free to help us to create more and more contents on CUDO DAO.

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Thanks :blush:


<3 sou proud about it!


congratulations friend!!!


Awesome!!! Nice job!! :boom:

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