[PROPOSAL] ''Research at Near'' OCTÓPODE DAO

[PROPOSAL] '‘Research at Near’'


Natasha Cremonese - natashacremoneseartista.near

Carlos Roberto Escouto - escoto.near

NEAR account for payment: octopodedao.near

Project timeline:

The project will have 5 stages:

  1. Enrollment Period
  2. Selection and announcement of fellows
  3. Presentation of the research plan to the fellows and beginning of the research
  4. Presentation of the research
  5. Social media posting and minting on mintbase

payout hash: NEAR

Title: '‘Research at Near’'


Opportunity for a process of research movement with people inside or outside the Near ecosystem, thinking about the importance of sharing knowledge through research. Providing training and qualification to researchers so that their performance within the Near ecosystem is more engaged and integrated with the functioning of the ecosystem, helping to form after the research members more instrumentalized with the Near process and knowledgeable of all the possibilities that the system provides for the its members and possibilities for projects and artistic productions within the platform. The project makes direct dialogue with some of the tentacles (principles) that govern the Octopod DAO, they are:

RESEARCH: We value the scope of research, as a form of autonomous education that extends the responsibility of creating, developing, discovering to the researcher, thus generating a personal value as well, not only of learning, but of living with the community, with the system of near and strengthens the spirit of curiosity. And it is through research, and the presentation of new ideas, and new questions that a more decentralized and innovative society is built.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is essential, we value communication, through marketing, through the arts, the vast ways of expressing. It is the broadcasting, sharing and broadcasting of all the artistic and educational works that the near system produces, broadcasting it both within the NEAR ecosystem and externally to the wider community through updated social media and platforms.

TECHNOLOGY: We value the use of technologies for creation, education, art and innovation. Through them we can communicate, experience, experience, transform realities and create new perspectives of life from the artistic experience in the fruition of the works of the artists of near projecting a new virtual artistic making

SOCIAL: Go beyond the virtual community. With the objective of bringing NEAR’s functioning to public and field knowledge, Octópode dao intends to externalize its work to communities, peripheries, schools, community centers, NGOs, associations, collectives and other forms of social associations so that the external public NEAR has access to artistic production and enjoyment, both allowing access to the arts developed by the octopus as well as the knowledge of this virtual community. 10% of the value of all funds received from that date will be allocated to a social portfolio, from which the value will be withdrawn every quarter and will benefit families, NGOs, people in vulnerable situations, or social projects focused on art.

Available search links:


Participants are free to carry out the reference search in any other source, and the presentation of the consulted sources is mandatory in the research.

LINK FOR REGISTRATION: https://forms.gle/b2X8WBa9758i1hAy5
**if you are not selected for the scholarship, are you interested in taking part in the research even if you do not receive remuneration?
**If selected, you are aware that 10% of the payment received will have to be donated to the realiza.near wallet to be allocated to the Octópode DAO social fund


The project proposal is justified in the sense of giving qualification and practical experience to the scholarship holder in initiation at Near. Providing theoretical-practical research, the project will make the blockchain member, after going through this experience, have more ease, repertoire and knowledge of operating on the near platform, as well as creating and producing artwork moving the platform beyond creation, coinage. and commercialization of NFT works in the future. Both the members that make up the DAO Octópode and the fellows who will be part of the research initiative and Near itself can only benefit from the execution of this project, as it will leave an educational and training legacy in each member that will add quality to artistic productions. of these within the platform.

Payment: NEAR


In the first meeting between Octópode and the fellows, the topics where each fellow will have to do a research and presentation of the research to the group will be distributed according to the project timeline. The 4 topics to be drawn among the fellows are:

a) What is Near? where does it come from? How did it come about?

b) What is a DAO? What is it for? How to create?

c) What is the Near forum? Why was it created?

d) What is Near grant? How and why make a project sustainable?

The presentation of the research by each member must obey a time of 15 minutes and the methodology will be freely chosen by the scholarship holder. The format of your presentation will be online through the google meet platform and then it will be made available through the Octópode youtube channel. Scholars will have to deliver a written work containing cover, introduction, textual production and bibliographic reference. The presentations of the grantees will be minted at the Octópode DAO store by the grantees. Formats can be as follows for minting: PDF, JPG, PNG and video.


06/05 to 06/10 - Registration
06/11 - Selection and announcement of fellows.
06/12 - Meeting to present the proposal of the month to researchers and start of the ‘‘Octópode DAO’’ research
06/27 - Research presentation
06/30 - Publication on Social Networks and minting

Budget: 1000 USD in NEAR


800 USD (4 grants of 200 USD to be paid after research presentation for each participant)

200 USD to be divided among the people who will accompany the researchers during the month and who will be available at the end of the month to watch and evaluate.

EVERYONE NEED TO DONATE 10% of the amount received to the collective social wallet: realiza.near

Natasha Cremonese

Visionary Artists, Teacher of Visual Arts licensed by UNINTER, Postgraduate student in Afro-Brazilian and indigenous history and culture, Teacher of Arts in Elementary School at SESC/RS/BR

Carlos Escouto

Theater teacher licensed by UFPel, state cultural producer in Rio Grande do Sul and president of the municipal culture council of Santa Cruz do Sul.


This project is wonderful!

It adds a lot of qualification to the members!

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Project Status: COMPLETED

[Completed] [”Research at Near” OCTÓPODE DAO]

Project accounting:

four research grants on Near that generated a result of four oral presentations on Near with the themes; a) What is Near? Where does it come from? How did it come about?, b) What is a DAO? What is it for? How to create it? c) What is Near’s forum? Why was it created?; d) What is Near grant? How and why to make a project sustainable? The four presentations can be checked on the Octopus DAO’s youtube channel through the link - - Octópode DAO - YouTube

**Budget: 1000 USD in NEAR

**Updated project timeline:

The pre-production of the project began on June 5th with the elaboration of the rules for the selection process of the scholarship recipients. The rules of participation were created, as well as the schedule for the research and presentation of the project. The registration for the scholarship selection began on June 11th. This was the day in which enrollment was open and it lasted until June 15th. An artwork was made for publicizing the project and an application form was created for those interested to apply. The selection criteria was the answer to the question: "Why should you be part of this research fellowship? The most convincing answers that demonstrated the greatest interest in the position were chosen. In all, 12 people were interested in taking the survey and of these four were selected. Through the links on instagram you can see the announcement of the beginning and end of registration ; Login • Instagram
\ Login • Instagram

After completing the applications and selecting the scholarship recipients, a meeting was held with them to review the research schedule to be developed and the deadlines for presentations. A whatsapp group was also created with those selected to ask questions directly with members of the DAO and for messages and warnings during the research process.
The presentations took place on June 29th and 30th via Google Meet. They are available on the Octopode’s youtube channel according to the links below;

Video presentation Fred - Apresentação FRED - YouTube

Video presentation Mariana Sacrini - Apresentação Mariana Sacrini pesquisa Near - YouTube

Video presentation Naju - Apresentação NAJU pesquisa Near - YouTube

Video presentation Francine - FRAN Apresentação - YouTube

The fellows, during the research also had to create portfolios to mint works about their relationship to the research developed. Of the four fellows, three already had portfolios and one had to create his own. The accounts are; fstrings.near, marisacrini.near, najunft.near e ruidelafont.near

Below are links to the minted artwork

Highlights and criticisms:

A very pertinent written and oral presentation collection has been created about Near. The oral presentations can be checked on youtube and the written papers can be requested directly from octopode dao. This collection was built by the fellows who had to do not only the oral presentation but also a written paper about the research.

One criticism is that we have not yet found a way to make the written work available. However, in July we intend to make them available to anyone. For the time being, those interested can request directly from dao.


Each fellow, even those who already had some knowledge about Near, made a point of thanking us and commenting that the research was an even greater learning experience for them about how the Near ecosystem works. They were able to further their knowledge and create video and written material about Near that will be permanently recorded and freely accessible on the internet.

*Next Steps:

The next step now is to pair up the fellows and they will have to conceive, write, approve and execute a project from start to finish. In the first month they have done theoretical work on Near and now in the second month they will do practical execution work where they will have the opportunity to create artistic content in NFT and display it in mintbase and the forum as well as on their social media.

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