[Proposal] POSTAL APRIL - Artistic Expression

Subject: Artistic Expression
Type: #Photography

Hello friends at CudoDAO
Postal is our photography project that aims to show the vision of various photographers based on a predetermined theme.
For the month of April, I will be responsible for working on a photographic series with an urban dance group. The idea is to give Postal a bigger character, not only to attract photographers to the ecosystem, but also to create other instruments to bring Web3 to other people.

We will do a photo shoot where we will produce artistic images from the various movements of the dancers.
We have invited 10 dancers to participate in this project and each of them will have a portfolio nearby, further increasing and diversifying our ecosystem.
The entire series will be turned into NFT’s that will be available in our mintbase store.

See you in our next issue.

Feel free to follow us on our Instagram and YouTube.



Very excited for this new version, it’s going to be sensational!

No matter what comes next, I know it will be awesome!

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Very good, I love photography and I love dance!

Dance, dance, dance! <3