[PROPOSAL] Plantasia Lx Second Month Proposal // VanDAO Studio

After our first month streaming from the VanDAO studio, we are thrilled to announce the artists of the month of May!

The project starts on the first Wednesday of May with DJ Privilegio (PT) one of Diogo Gabberolas alias’s.

Next we are hosting:

11/5 N0S0YS1S0Y (UK)
18/5 Surprise Surprise (CY)
25/5 Nany b2b Yuri (BR)

Also on the 4th we are recording and streaming a live performance by Ryskinder (Israel).

Both collabs from the partnership with other residents of Arroz (Studio 4 and Ten Years Sober) were moved to this month due to clash in their schedules. The studios are preparing their new collabs for the live performances, whilst we are working on the material of the previous month.




For this second month’s proposal we are looking forward to receiving a funding of 2500$ (2270€).


Studio rent: 385 usd

Artists’ fees: 605 usd

Curators/staff: 990 usd

Equipment purchase/rent: 475 usd

Snacks: 45 usd

Thanks for supporting the safest club scene! See you at CryptoVoxels!


Woot Woot! So excited to see the progress of the studio. Too bad I couldn’t be around more, but I hope to visit in the summer/fall at some point!!!


Yes!! Thanks for all the support @vandal ! Let’s party when you’re back!

Hey @plantasia Thank you for the Wonderful Proposal. Just some Question Regarding the Budget,

Will this go to VanDAO Tresaury ?

Can you Explain More about this like Who Gets how much, How Long will they Perform, is there an NFT Minted after they Perform?

need More Details on this?

What Equipments Are Rented/Purchased against how much they cost.
Also, i could see $300 has been Requested for the first month and how are they Utlilized.
and Finally doesn’t Studio support these Equipments?

Thank you

Hey @Monish016 ! Thank you for supporting us!
The studio rent goes to Arroz Estudios.

The artists’ fees is split between the artists. They can get the equivalent of 50 to 160 euros. It depends on their own stipulated fee as well as the format. We have back to back, where 2 artists share the decks, group concerts (we just recorded our first last Wednesday) and solo shows.

The curators staff fee is the total payment of my work and Miguel’s work + onboarding. I’m more in charge of image ie.Social Media management, curating the shows, the video in situ, creating the posters, setting up the space and onboarding the artists.
Miguel is in charge of the sound ie.the streaming (on OBS, Twitch, CryptoVoxels) and the recordings (recording video in two cameras, recording the audio separately), editing the sound and video, mixing the audio, upload to Mixcloud and Youtube.

Regarding equipment, we actually had to spend from our own fee to make it work. The studio Arroz rents us doesn’t come with any equipment, even though they lent us a few items (twice). But it’s not something they offer. It was a special request.

On the first month we rented:
Ring light and tripod +1 subwoofer / 45 euros (per month)
2CDJs+Mixer /200 per month (new, they are worth 780 each CDJ and 800 euros the mixer)

We also bought a GoPro Hero 8/ 262 euros and a ring light /30 euros

We borrowed from friends:
MacBook Pro
Iphone to help the streaming when we couldn’t use the MacBook
Miguel’s monitors and cables
Miguel’s TASCAM recorder
SD cards

We borrowed from Arroz: 1 Turntable Pioneer MK2

Second month (until now):

Arroz provided some of the mics and some of the mic stands we needed for Ryskinder’s recorded concert. Again this was an exception as they do not offer equipment.

We plan to buy:

One SD card / 15 euros
Buying a tripod / 43 euros
USB3 adaptor for the streaming/ 45 euros
We plan on renting the CDJs and mixer again / 200 euros
Cables/ 62 euros
Mic 101 euros

Upgrades from other DAO’s:
We had our Arroz streaming support proposal approved so we could buy a computer that is strong enough to do the streamings and we are holding workshops to teach them how to stream.

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Oh, sorry. Forgot to answer two questions. The duration of the concerts is generally 1h/1h30. But our first streaming lasted 3h.

Here’s a link to it:

You can also check the second streaming here:

We haven’t minted the posters/arts yet as we are still organizing ourselves to become a DAO. The idea is to mint them next week and organize an exhibition in the studio by the end of the month.
Here’s a link to our instagram where you can check the art.

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Thank you @plantasia Happy to Support you :slight_smile: Meanwhile, From Next Month, I would request you to Write a Detail Breakdown of Costs, Like How much for Social Medium, Posters, etc.,

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Will do. Thanks for your support!

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