[Proposal] Physical And Digital Marketing/Social Media Management

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DAO NAME : Burlesque Dao

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BURLESQUE DAO have being working as we look forward to achieving sustainability. Burlesque Dao is putting more effort marketing standup Comedy, comedy skit content on social media especially on Facebook and Instagram. Burlesque DAO is focused on encouraging and supporting comedy on metaverse, web3 and also promoting Near Protocol and it Ecosystem via our content.

we had event like • Two Comedy Skit Video, which had massive engagements with over 20k plus reach and 2.9k engagement

Watch here Facebook

Best comedy-write-upBest One Min Joke and [Stand up Comedy(Physical & Metaverse)in which we did wearables for those who came for the event.
Stand up Comedy on Metaverse
During the course of this events, we have onboaded over 100member and 80% of them are from social media who have no idea about Near and it ecosystem.

We are also looking forward to having an educating content and promoting them on our social media and also having a physical marketing engagement.

Metrics on Burlesque Social Handles

Increase in followers by 300

Facebook :



Burlesque Dao - YouTube

Metric on Social Media Content

Content reach 20k web2 users plus

Metrics on Physical Engagement

Real 10 near users


Video/Editor & Content making : $250(payment for professional video shooting and editor cost $200 for 2 video content and 50$ for the content maker)

$100 for ads on YouTube Account/ FacebookAccount (2 video content post)

30$ for refreshments and opening of near wallet

Total Amount : $380

Target wallet : burlesque.sputnik-dao.near

Thank you @marketingdao-council


The Near Community is doing a great job covering a wide range of activities. Nice One


I think this’ll be a good turnaround


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