[PROPOSAL] Philosophical Scholarships (Third edition)

We want to create four Philosophical Scholarships to support researchers at the undergraduate level (especially one who already has a link to a research project). The financing would be 200usd for each winner.


Our intention is to increase the engagement of researchers in the NEAR ecosystem, as the public calls are widely publicized and arouse the interest of new people in creating their NEAR Wallets and interacting with the DAO. This initiative is also in line with our goal of bringing the academic world into the NEAR blockchain.

the project

Applicants must submit a link to a 5-10 minute video (which could be a Drive or YouTube link, provided it is unlisted), covering the following topics;

  1. Briefly present your journey as a researcher and your encounter with research.
  2. Present the research problem/question and its research objective.
  3. Explain and justify the social relevance of your research.

Evaluation criteria (selection):

  1. Comprehension and Content: Did the video provide understanding of the answers to the proposed questions, following a clear and logical sequence, in language appropriate for a non-expert audience?

  2. Creativity: Did the proponent make use of creativity, either through the oral presentation or through the visual attractiveness of the video, in order to attract the viewer’s attention?

  3. Engagement and Communication: Did the video make the viewer want to know more about the topic? Did the presenter convey enthusiasm for their research in their presentation?

The best videos will be chosen by DAO Members (if they meet the above mentioned criteria) and the winner will be chosen by The Philosophers DAO community on Telegram through a poll. The winners will be notified and will be guided to send a monthly report of the activities carried out and informing the impact of this funding on their research.

Final product:

A blog post for The Philosophers DAO between 500 and 600 words with the following structure:

  • 100 words for the introduction;

  • 300 words for development;

  • 100/200 words for the conclusion.

  • We will offer 200USD to this bounty (200 USD in NEAR or DAI, whichever is more convenient for the DAO (the NEAR value will be measured according to the exchange rate used by NEAR to pay the DAO) for each winner.


Week 1: To set the bounty and share it through telegram groups

Week 2: To continue the publicizing

Week 3: Choose the winners

Week 4: Receive the texts for the DAO blog post and pay the winners and make the report.

Subtotal: 800 USD


Project Report

Status: Finished


[PROPOSAL] Philosophical Scholarship (3ª ed)

Open Call generated by the project:

Accounting Project

We launched an Open Call to choose four winners and had 4 submissions.

Payment of the winners: According to the project proposal, the winners received payment on October 25th (with the delivery of the final report and the text for publication on the DAO website).

The Winners were:

Reinaldo Cezar de Souza Lopes - Bacharelado em Filosofia (UFPel) - @ReinaldoLopes

Louise Moscareli - Licenciatura em Filosofia (UFPel) - @LouiseMoscareli

Luiz Felipe de Saibro Dossena - Licenciatura em Filosofia (UFSM) - @dossena

Luan Kim Ferreira Dias- Licenciatura em Filosofia (UNIFAP) @luankim


Updated project timeline

The project is following the estimated time for each step.

Highlights and Final Products

We will have four texts and four reports produced by the winners.


We learned that we should offer grants for a month and thus decentralize resources to more people.


@adrimobbs The incentive offered to people of different expressions is very good! The project was wonderful. Thanks to all collaborators.