[PROPOSAL] Party Ambient for NEAR Metaverse Connection Center on the Roof and Wearable Creation

Proponent: Metaverse DAO
NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near
Project Timeline: January 5th – 30th

Objective: The main objective of this project is to build a party ambient for our connection center on Cryptovoxels and also the wearables associated with this ambient and the wearables to give in the events promoted by Metaverse DAO. Although there is an ambient for NEAR artists shows, it is not properly a party ambient with a party mood; so we intend to build it in the roof.

Justification (benefits): The relevance of the party ambient is to build a mood and invite more people from near and from metaverse to enjoy the party. A party mood given by architecture is seen in the pictures that are broadcasted inside cryptovoxels (called “womps”), and thus can be seen and cause interest, bringing people to know near events, and improving the metaverse experience of near artists and collectors on metaverse. And the wearables are important because they cause a sentimental link between the visitor and the center, bringing the person again in future parties, given his/her presence was rewarded. Beyond that, wearables are an essential part of meta-architecture to build any mood we want. This is all important because it improves the quality of metaverse experience that new near artists and collectors are getting in touch, and we create a new demand, soon to be satisfied by NearHub and other metaverses.

Project: In order to fulfill our objective, we would need to produce all the associated wearables with the ambient we want to produce, building the vox model of the ambient or the ambient itself (with creator menu), and we would need to have parcel. We would need 500 usd in near to pay the wearable designer, @gushlewis, to produce every wearable needed to the party ambient and the needed architecture in the roof. And we also need 500 usd in near to keep renting the parcel on Cryptovoxels in which we already are. Visit our building by clicking here.


January 5th:

Design the roof. Start building the architecture.

January 14th:

Roof architecture ready.

January 16th:

Start building the associated wearables.

January 23th:

Finish building the wearables.

January 25th:

Finish the roof, with architecture and wearables.
Make wearables available for the last exhibition of the month.

January 26:

Start accountability


500 usd in near: To build the party ambient in the roof and the associated wearables, and the wearables to give on our events.

500 usd in near: to pay the rent of a CV parcel.


Final Products: Party ambient in the roof of NEAR Metaverse Connection Center with all the associated wearables, and wearables to give in the events.

Metaverse DAO

Report of the Party Ambient for Near Metaverse Connection Center

Here are some pictures of the space:

All associated wearables are minted and distrubuited troughout the community and can be seen on the links below:













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