[Proposal] nSpot - launchpad & spot sharing dApp


As more and more projects are getting built on the NEAR ecosystem, there aren’t many cost effective ways for the creators to easily bring awareness about their projects, events etc to the community. Also, the well established projects, influencers etc who already have high influence and user base don’t have any easy way to monetize their influential capabilities and also help the upcoming projects in the ecosystem & promote events.


nSpot, a decentralized launchpad cum spot sharing platform based on NEAR blockchain. Using the platform, website owners, newsletter creators, influencers etc would be able to list multiple spots from their websites, newsletters, social media profiles etc acting as kind of a launch pad for newer projects in the ecosystem and in-turn generating revenue from these spots.

It will serve as a launchpad for the newer projects in the ecosystem by providing them ways to easily reserve these spots on their favorite websites, influencer profiles, newsletters etc and showcase their banners in these spots. All this in a very fair, transparent & cost effective manner.

About Us

nSpot aims to become a one stop shop for decentralized spot sharing / advertisements and in-turn become a launchpad. It provides the opportunity for the new projects in the ecosystem to easily create awareness about themselves in a cost effective manner and it provides opportunities for existing projects, influencers etc to utilize their platforms, social media presence as a launchpad for new projects and in-turn generating a parallel revenue stream while having full control over what gets displayed.

And the best thing is that it is not just limited to web3 but even web2 can utilize it and in a way it can become a bridge between both the worlds.


Phase 1:

  • Users / Advertisers can:
    • View a listing of spots from different verified providers
    • Checkout their favorite spots for desired duration
    • Send message to spot owner
    • Create marketing campaigns
    • View dashboards showing metrics & insights on views, clicks etc
    • Setup email notifications at different stages
  • Spot owners can:
    • List ad spots from their websites, social media profiles etc
      • Categorization
      • CRUD operations
      • Support for multiple rate cards
    • Scan their website for auto listing
    • Have full control over what ads will get displayed on their website
    • View different metrics in dashboards
    • Revenue sharing capabilities with end users
    • Setup email notifications at different stages
  • For the developers:
    • Easy integration of spots on the websites
    • Detailed documentation
    • Examples
  • Integrations:
    • Wordpress plugin
    • Javascript plugin
    • Dapplets integration

Phase 2:

  • Integration with Metaverse
  • Membership options
  • Tokenomics
  • Auto scanning

Pilot results

We did a 1 week pilot of the nspot platform with LNC as a spot provider and an amazing ecosystem project called as Dapplets as an advertiser and during the course of the pilot, they saw a whopping almost 23% rise in the number of new users on their platform and their revenue more than doubled compared to the previous week

Here is a screenshot showing the outcomes(notice the week of 27th March):

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Neat post, what are you making a proposal for and who are you making a proposal to?

Hey @David_NEAR, thanks. This is a proposal to human guild for development & launch of the nspot platform.


Understood, thanks for clarifying!