[Proposal] New NFT Ecosystem for darts sport


Hello, we are two founders, Christian and Sebastian, and we love the darts sport and blockchain technology. Therefore we want to build up a solid and sustainable ecosystem for the darts sport by using blockchain technology.
Christian is the manager, salesman and networker.
Sebastian is the IT guy. He has many years of experience in innovation management and digitization as well as in leading complex agile IT projects.

Problem statement

The darts sport is growing in Europe. There are big prize pools for the big tournaments and TV broadcasting in free and pay TV. But only a few top players are professionals and for the rest of the players it is hard to find ways to finance their career. We want to change this with our ecosystem.


Every Player should have the same chance to be the next champion. Talent, motivation and hard work should matter. We provide an ecosystem to give everybody this chance.

Why Darts?

There is already a huge fan base (e.g. top player have 200k+ followers on twitter) and it is growing further, e.g. in local bars they change billiard tables to dart boards. The tournaments are also big shows and the fans love it. But still it is very hard for new talents to finance their career and get to the top. We want to increase the fan engagement, the fans have fun and at the same time they support their stars.

Use cases:

  • Limited NFT Player card collections and special moment NFTs
  • Support newcomers and talents (direct support, free NFT cards,…)
  • Marketplace for NFT cards

For all purchased NFTs the players will get a commission. Furthermore they get rewarded with special NFTs for excellent sport moments like a 9-darter.

Current status

We have developed several use cases and a road map for this year.
We are in discussion with the PDC Europe, professional players and companies to start a cooperation. We are highly welcome with our idea and we are very optimistic to finalize the cooperation agreement soon.
In parallel we want to start in March to build up a platform for the ecosystem. We want to build up our project with NEAR because we are convinced about the vision, the scalability and usability.



  • Starting cooperation with partners
  • Implementation of the MVP (Basic Web-Application with account management, NEAR wallet integration, first NFT card is linked to an external NFT marketplace e.g. paras.id)
  • First designed NFT card and designed logo
  • Create own NFT smart contract

04/22 to 06/22

  • Implementation of first use case (Offer player cards on the platform)
  • Build up community with social media and in live tournaments
  • Create first NFT Collection

07/22 to 9/22

  • 1000 Users (with NEAR wallet) in the ecosystem
  • First NFT collection is minted and offered on the platform
  • Marketing and pre-sale for the first NFT collection
  • Implementation of marketplace

10/22 to 12/22

  • 50000 Users in the ecosystem
  • Create hype in the PDC World Dart Championship (starting December 14th)
  • First NFT Collection is sold out

Funding request for March 2022:

7000 USD Full Stack Developer:

  • We need a full stack developer in full time to build up the MVP. We have already found a highly qualified developer and we have to pay him 7000 USD.

1000 USD graphic designers

  • We need a graphic designer to design our first NFT card and a logo

in Total: 8000 USD for march 2022

This is our first funding request and we will definitely need more in the future. But we want to start small and then grow fast when the cooperations and community grow.

We are looking forward to get feedback and your support.

Best regards


Hey guys, gm,

Sounds super neat! Have you already secured funding for this? The value requested might be a little out of scope for DAO vertical funding.

That said, there is a tonne of grant opportunities.

Hi David,

thanks for your reply.

This is our first funding request and we thought this is the right place to start.
We want to start in march with the MVP and plan the budget for Q2 in the next weeks.

I just saw the max payouts for the different tiers. When I follow this instruction I have to apply for tier 2 or have to reduce the scope of the MVP to max 5000 USD and exclude the graphic designer to have chance to get a DAO vertical funding.

I our current stage it is hard to define the budget for 3 months which seems to be needed for tier 2. Things can change very fast after we have made cooperations.

I would prefer to start small and fast in march and work on a detailed plan for Q2 in next 2 weeks and then apply for the grant program.

What do you think?


The tiers are for Guilds, rather than projects, so they wouldn’t be applicable here.

Read more on Guilds here:

Worth noting that applications for tiered funding are currently closed, too - we’ll share more on that soon.

The ideal route for funding this would be through our grants system:

Alright, thank you

Best regards

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This really sounds like a great project, love the ideas! I have followed all social media and subscribed to recieve updated information on the project via the project website. I see part of your funding includes payment for graphic designer, and wanted to reach out as an inexpensive Graphic Designer option. I would love the chance to work on this project, and will work on some ideas and put them into a portfolio so you and your team can check out my work, feel free to reach out any time! Wishing you and yours many success on your project! Do you have any current brand assets you’re wanting implemented into the designs, also any specific card dimensions?

sounds great. We will contact you!

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