[Proposal] MotionDAO publications

To mark one year of activities of MotionDAO, I propose to “harvest” some of the important texts generated until now - in particular the expressive and poetic proposals and reports written by @marlonbarriossolano here on the NEAR forum in the past months.

They will make a wonderful retrospective of the prolific and creative path and movements of the MotionDAO collective. Some editing, formatting, and curation will be needed, which I am proposing to do.

The formatting and presentation tools from the Medium platform have a professional look, as well as being recognized as a popular writing platform, and having a presence there will bring those benefits, so I propose we use this publication platform.

Medium posts can then be easily embedded into the existing MotionDAO website, as well as shared directly on group chats, social media etc… and also exported in case we decide to change to a different publishing platform in the future.

The following activities are planned:

  • open and configure a Medium account for MotionDAO
  • select the first texts for publication (between 5-8 in total)
  • select and format the images to be used in the publications
  • edit and format the texts
  • select and check the links to be included in each text
  • publish the formatted and edited posts on Medium

For the tasks listed above I am requesting the budget of: 400 USD

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