[Proposal] Mixing, Mastering, Artwork fees for Karl Godard EP release

Project : Karl Godard EP release
Target: karlgodard.near
Project member : @squattingPigeon
Timeline : 2 months - end of February

Dear All,

Karl Godard is my personal music project. I need help with mastering, mixing, artwork and commissioning collaborations so i’m going to approach 12k Mastering in New York and the skillful Canadian composer Michael Gary Dean for mixing my tracks.

I’d like to request the following for 4 tracks

  • 60$ per track for mastering
  • 60$ per track for mixing
  • 60$ per track to commission collaborations from other musicians i will attempt to onboard
  • 80$ for artwork

Total requested = 800$

I’ve not yet determined my collaborators or the designer for artwork. I will prioritise the onboarding of new artist i believe could be assets to the community. Failing this i will approach existing community members.

Thank you!