[Proposal] Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - July

Proponent: Klara Kopi

NEAR account for payment: klarakopi.near

Project Timeline: July 1st – July 31st


The main objective of this project is to interview NEAR metaverse builders, projects and DAOs, upload the videos to Metaverse TV , our channel on YouTube and mint the highlights of the interview on the Mintbase Store called NEAR Metaverse History store from the Metaverse DAO as NFTs to preserve this part of NEAR history in both English and Brazilian Portuguese, mainly English.

Justification (Benefits):

The benefit of this project is that it would raise awareness for the NEAR protocol, its DAOs and projects also provide use cases of the NEAR Protocol and feature NEAR metaverse builders on YouTube. The interviews are important because they document a part of the NEAR history and the community that build and support its development in a bilingual format.

The Project:

I will interview NEARverse people (from NEAR DAOs, NEAR hub and NEAR builders on other metaverses) in English or Brazilian Portuguese, transcribe a part of the interviews for the NEAR Metaverse Magazine, subtitle (when in PT/BR) and edit the videos, upload them to our YouTube channel called Metaverse TV and mint them on the Metaverse DAO store called NEAR Metaverse History on Mintbase.


  • July 1st - 13th: Select people and send over the interview questions
  • July 11th – 25th: Interviews to be uploaded on the Metaverse DAO channel called Metaverse TV on YouTube with the name “Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi”.
  • July 11th – 27th: A gif with the best moments of these Interviews will be minted as NFTs in the Metaverse DAO NEAR History store.
  • July 27th: send the transcription of the first 10 min of interview to the magazine editor to be added as part of the magazine with the links to the minted NFT and the YouTube video, with the full interview.

Budget :

  • $500 USD in DAI

Final Products:

  • At least 3 interviews uploaded on the Metaverse TV, Metaverse DAO’s channel on YouTube, featuring 3 different NEAR Metaverse people/projects
  • At least 3 NFTs minted at the NEAR Metaverse History store (by Metaverse DAO): 1 will be sent to the person interviewed, 1 to the interviewer, 1 to the NEAR Metaverse History store to be kept as a historical record.
  • A transcription of the interviews introduction will be added to the NEAR Metavese Magazine of the month.

This project is a continuation of :

You can also check all the interviews on: Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi playlist on Youtube


Hello! I am wondering if you could clarify how this budget is broken up? Are any funds offered to folks being interviewed?

Thank you!

Hi Adrian, sorry for the delay! Below is a list of the steps I take to make the interviews happen:

Step by step:

  • Research people to be interviewed
  • Get in contact with people to see if/when they’re available
  • Schedule the Interview
  • Interview people (aprox. 1h duration)
  • Edit videos (cuts, color correction, sound adjustments, adjust to template, add metaverse scenes, etc)
  • Transcript the first 10 min of the interview and review it (for the magazine)
  • Post video on YouTube
  • Create gif with scenes
  • Mint scenes from the interview to make NFTs
  • Send NFTs to the interviewed people and the DAOs store
  • Send transcription and links to the magazine editor
  • Share

Project Report

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - July

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Timeline (updated): July 1st – 13th August)

Project Accounting:

As an Interviewer, I have interviewed people and I have an Interview scheduled to the next week. This month was harder to schedule them, I believe it is because of the vacations.
I’ll finish editing, posting and minting them until the next week.
I’m editing the 2 interviews I’ve already recorded with Sulthoan, co-founder of the Nestercity metaverse and Rob McCarty, co-founder and CEO of Illust, a decentralized AR based metaverse.

Next week, I’m interviewing Punter from the NEARVerse Labs project.

As soon as I finish editing them I’ll update this report.

Project Accounting: As an Interviewer, I have interviewed 3 people that build projects on the metaverse and that are a very important part of the NEAR community: Sultan, co-founder of the Nestercity metaverse, Rob McCarty, co-founder and CEO of Illust a decentralized AR based metaverse and Punter from NEARVerse Labs and RocketBois NFTs project.
I’ve edited the interviews and posted them on the Metaverse DAO channel on YouTube called Metaverse TV. I’ve also made gifs featuring the best moments of the interviews and minted them on the NEAR Metaverse Hystory store on Mintbase. A transcription excerpt from the interview will also be added to this month’s magazine.

Here is the list of the interviews with the links to the registry NFTs and Youtube videos with the full interviews:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 13 - Sultan, Nestercity co-founder

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • YouTube:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 14 - Rob, co-founder and CEO of Illust.

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • YouTube:

Meta Interviews with Klara Kopi - EP. 15 - Punter, co-founder of NEARverse Labs & RocketBois NFTs

  • Mintbase NFT:
  • YouTube:

Great job! You can request your payment on Astro.
Loved the new template and music :slight_smile: