[PROPOSAL] Karma - a Spiritual DAO weekly podcast

Spiritual DAO project Karma

(an weekly single person podcast)


The meaning of this project is:

  • Share knowledge and lore about spiritual themes

  • Highlight members of the NEAR community that have spiritual experience

  • Provide different theories about spirituality

  • Spread NEAR ecosystem (we will put information about NEAR in the begginin and at the and of each episode)

This include:

  • Selection of a theme (in consonance with the events theme)

  • Record of an 10 minutes podcasts

  • Edition of the podcast to include NEAR information in the beginning and at the end. Put subtitles and animated video to follow the audio recorded

  • Upload the episode at the Spiritual DAO YouTube Channel

We want to continue our podcasts and channel on YouTube. But we want to bring other voices to it. We think we have a lot of NEAR members with a lot to share with us. So, we will ask them to share their thought about something in consonance with the Spiritual DAO monthly current theme. For this we will need some resources as follow:

  • Hire members of NEAR community to share their thought (± 10 min) 150$/podcast - 600$/month

  • Hire an editor for the podcast+video 50$/week-video - 200$/month

  • Creation of art to spreed the event on our social medias 20$/week-video - 80$/month

Subtotal: 880$


Maybe I will enter the contest in the future. I think I’ve learnt so much in the path to spiritual development. All my way up to I got to Philosophy was super spiritual. I was catholic, baptist, mormon, hare krshna, yogi, dakshna tantra monk, occultist and so many other things… until I found philosophy and became skeptical. Then I was in the hospital, and some spiritual thoughts returned.

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its a nice journey (and cyclic too).
Ends are beginnings and beginnings ware ends at some point.


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[REPORT] Spiritual DAO Karma Podcasts - march 2022

project participants
we work with 2 podcasters, and each one made 2 episodes of Karma podcast.
They are: @Cryptonaut and @Tamosauskas
We have our 4 episodes edited by @w4R
and our social media created by @beetlejuice

Project Status Completed

Project Accounting
Every thing happened the way was planed.

Financial Movements
every one was paid in their own NEAR wallets.
Two of them are new in the ecosystem, so we believe that this project bring new people to add at NEAR protocol.

What we have accomplished in March
we made 4 podcast episodes and present it in the Crossroad event
Here you can see and listen them

We realize that have an event to release the premiere of the podcast bring people to the event, and make our community exited about it.

We set the time of the podcast to 10 minutes, but we learn that are subjects that need more time to be explained. So we are considering to make it longer.

Next Steps
Bring other themes to have others points of views.