[PROPOSAL] Indonesia Batik Bounty for August 2022

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August is a special month for Indonesian, as Indonesian’s Independence Day happen on August 17th. If we talk about Indonesian culture, one thing on top of our mind is Batik. Batik is a traditional cloth dyeing technique that invented centuries ago. Batik is also recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2009. As one of the biggest Indonesian exports, Batik is a gateway to know about Indonesian culture.

To celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day, SvaraDAO will held a bounty for the best Batik design from you! Collaborating with Batik Mawar Putih and Paras, we will make a Batik design contest this month. In this competition, we will pick three best designs to get the prize and get the design make into real life Batik cloth.

Batik Mawar Putih is one of the most known Batik companies from Blitar, East Java. Batik Mawar Putih already exporting Batik to many countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa. Known for their uniqueness and exclusivities, Justin Holiday from NBA’s Indiana Pacers wore one of a kind custom Batik shirt from Batik Mawar Putih.

Paras is one of the top three NFT marketplace in the world. Made by Indonesian, Paras is already known internationally as a great place to get unique NFT artwork and soon audio. We collaborate with Paras because we want to give a glimpse of Indonesia to the world.

Batik Mawar Putih

a form of support from the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy on Instagram

For the funding, we are requesting:

Program Amount
1st Place $ 175
2nd Place $ 125
3rd Place $ 100
Batik print by writing canting on cloth for 1st place $ 150
Totals $ 550

How to participate in the Bounty :

Upload your batik design to Instagram and Twitter
then tag @svaradao @paras.hq and put the hashtag #IBB

For the 1st winner, your design will be printed into batik cloth

Winners will be chosen by 3 representative judges from Svara DAO x Batik Mawar Putih x Paras


Hey @Wiswiz the prize payouts for this bounty seem to be pretty high. Could you just the amount requested? Thanks

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I have deducted it, but specifically for the first winner, the prize is in addition to $, he will get an original Batik handicraft production which is worth $150 and the person who does the Batik is the person who makes batik for the ministers and regional heads and staff of the Indonesian government, thanks bro :pray:

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Ok, thanks for the update. This figure will also need to be updated in the overall monthly budget proposal too