PROPOSAL "Ideation for a 15 beat bounty"

In the vein of creating more content for the NxM guild and also enable musical artists who are new to web 3 to make a smooth NFT transition, I propose a bounty for the production of 15 instrumentals by three interested producers who would submit 5 beats each of different genres

This beats would be for the sole purpose of

---- Helping new artists on the NxM guild to make a convenient transition into becoming NFT artistes

---- Giving them the option of having an audio NFT created originally by them for the NFT space instead of them having to mint their previously recorded songs which might harbour future copyright issues

---- An avenue for expansion for the NxM guild since the bounty would involve new artistes being invited to the guild to own a beat a d record for themselves

---- A choice of dexterous expression for already onboarded NxM artistes since the beats would be from three different cross continental genres

This bounty would majorly serve the purpose of inducting artistes who are new to NFTs with an exclusive beat each and who also worry about minting previously recorded songs in the real world due to royalty splits with labels, producers, distribution platforms e.t.c An opportunity to own their own songs since the beats would be exclusive to them for ownership to be minted in the NxM store after which the producers have been paid for their contribution


I am down for it and I love the idea about the bounty, NxM has a lot of singers and rappers, such library would help to release more cool stuff. I can be the first from 3 producers to prepare 5 beats.

However, I think that producers should be included in lifetime royalties (10%) 87,5% should go fully to rapper/singer.

Such bounty would be perfect for a BEAT DAO… :slight_smile:

What about the amount of the bounty? Maybe $1k?


i already wrote two verses on @Paul #Error beat, by tomorrow I might wrote that last verse in and in a few days began with the recordings. i’m fully supporting this idea.


Yeah, I like the idea of a forever royalties for producers but in order to encourage these artistes we might make it 4% for the producers, 3% for the artistes and 3% for NxM…
NxM would also have their default percentage asides the forever royalties

And as regards the budget… Let’s see what the community feels afterwards we can conveniently draft that


That’s beautiful brother, let’s hit the ground running for a productive and exciting NxM november


Love this idea, and would love to take part as one of the producers. I think it’s a cool way to make music with purpose and also bring together the whole NxM/NEAR music making community! Would love to be involved, count me in! Happy to help with any ideation or other things too


I’m in! Thanks John for inviting. How will it work?


3 different genres by 3 different producers… for example you can bring us your South American Hispanic beat vibe for the bounty as a contribution for NxM for which you will be funded and get a percentage on forever royalties… These beats would belong to the NxM guild and they would exclusively be for artistes who are new to Web3 and would be minting on the NxM mintbase store on accordance with the smart contract obligations…


okay, I will start to produce them!