[PROPOSAL] HypeDAO Mintbase + Gorilla Shops setup June 2022

As a part of HypeDAO’s effort to become financially self-sustaining, we are opening a Mintbase store. Using the Gorilla Shops app we will be able to integrate the shop into the existing HypeDAO.xyz site without needing to employ a developer. The HypeDAO store will begin by allowing HypeBattle artists to mint their work. Artists will receive 60% revenue and 100% royalties. Funds raised will go towards funding future Hype Battles. After three months we will evaluate the store and decide the future roadmap.

7 NEAR to set up a Mintbase shop
10 NEAR to set up Gorilla Shops
17 NEAR total (1 N = 5.50 $USD at time of calculation) $93.5 USD

and we have our mintbase store!! hype.mintbase1.near on Mintbase