[PROPOSAL] Guided Meditation - 10 videos

[PROPOSAL] Guided Meditation

Videos with guided meditation to give the listener/viewer and immersive, relaxing and a healing experience.


We’d like to create an ongoing series of monthly guided meditations to create awareness about this artistic and healing audio visual journey of 15-20 mins, which helps in getting direct experience of how meditations can affect one’s state of mind.

Apps like calm, insight timer and even youtube show a promising number of people who like to listen to guided meditations.

the project

Guided meditations - $1500 - 10 videos.

  • We are taking out the writer as most the scripts had to be rewritten as per the meditation requirements and flow of the voice over.

  • 12 to 15 hours for all 6 recordings, editing and EQ for right voice effect including revisions in cae required.

  • These video sessions will be posted on our youtube channel to bring more traffic to our channel so more people can experience this immersive and experiential form of art.

  • We also will mint them at our store on mintbase to increase the transactions inside the ecosystem.

  • We’d like to create a NearHub gallery space in future, where people can go and listen to the guided meditations in the Spiritual DAO metaverse.

The budget for this is:

  • Voice-over/ Meditaion teachers(10 audios x 150USD) - 1500USD


As explained in main Spiritual DAO Founding proposal of June 2022

Final products

10 guided meditation edited videos with high audio quality to be upload at out Youtube Channel and minte at our store in Mintbase

Subtotal: 1500USD

@beetlejuice could you clarify who will partake in the production of this project? Thanks :slight_smile:

We will look for people com nice voice and a good english speak to record the audios for guided meditation

Sahil - 6 audio guided meditations
Arija - 2 audio breathwork meditations (onboarded)
Tanya/Jenny - 2 videos (waiting for samples and will be on-boarded post approval)

Once the raw guided meditation audios are received they will be shared with the audio engineer to clean the audio, mix and master.

The mastered file will then be sent to the video editor for final output.

Audio engineer and video editor positions will be opened for the community to participate in and get monthly payouts for the tasks described above.

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Examples from last month


@Cryptonaut @beetlejuice
Thank you for clarifying! I subsequently saw this in the proposed timeline in the other post which I missed first time around.


if you need anything else, i’m here <3

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Project participants






Project Status Completed(waiting close the files)

Project Accounting

We record 10 audios for guided meditation with professionals and transform them in videos

What we have accomplished in june

we have produce 10 guided meditation audios as following:

  • breathing for focus
  • breathing meditation
  • channel your potential
  • de-stress
  • get stimulated
  • gratitude
  • grounding meditation
  • happiness
  • let your imagination free
  • loving kindness meditation

those were properly got the audio edition and create relaxing videos into it and posted in youtube with full content and make 10 shorts to mint them

here is the sample of what we will upload
(we are in a rendering moment and due to errors we are still finishing them)


We are very happy with the video results. We use our visual ID and the result is very beautiful.

Next Steps

We are still doing guided meditations and will expand them for other languages.

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Here are the guided meditations uploaded on our Youtube Channel.
Due the quality of the videos, the size of the files were really big, and this delay the rendering and the upload to the channel.

Hope you all enjoy.

we put this content in the main report too