[Proposal for grassroots DAO funding] sent to Metapool: Women in Blockchain - DAO Ashe Decentralised Podcast with Laura Suárez, Ro Dávila and Paloma Etienne

Hi, I’m presenting this proposal on behalf of Dao Ashe :slight_smile:

1. Title:
Women in Blockchain - DAO Ashe Decentralised Podcast with Laura Suárez, Ro Dávila and Paloma Etienne

2. Description:
Our project is a friendly decentralised podcast on Near, minted on Mintbase. It focuses on empowering and educating Spanish-speaking women about blockchain technology, DeFi, and financial literacy, as well as the Near ecosystem and public goods. The podcast aims to break down complex concepts related to blockchain, such as Web3 and DAOs and make them accessible to women who may be new to the field.

What kind of funding are you looking for (amount wise)?:
We need funding to cover the social media marketing and design, hosts fees, and the purchase of a couple of microphones.

How do you plan to utilise the funding?:
We want to run a social media campaign with a catchy logo and info on each session and pay for our hosts contributions to guarantee commitment. Also, we will upload the content of our podcast with images to Mintbase, Podsmedia, iVoox, Spotify and Twitter.

How do you plan to utilise the blockchain technology in your DAO?:
We will be minting our podcast as a free NFT on https://mintbase.xyz and https://pods.media/ It will be the first decentralised podcast in the NEAR ecosystem :slight_smile:

What benefits are you bringing with this to the ecosystem?:
We want to talk about the importance of Near and its DAOs in the Blockchain, the multiple uses and future of NFTs, and how public goods support platforms like Potlock are changing the scenario on the blockchain are making it more democratic and diverse.

The proposed themes for the podcast cover a wide range of topics in DeFi, and the broader implications of blockchain beyond finance. It emphasizes the importance of understanding these concepts to empower women economically and provide them with the tools to manage their finances effectively.

Moreover, the podcast highlights the stories and successes of women in the blockchain and Web3 space, aiming to inspire and encourage other women to participate in these emerging technologies. It also features discussions on DeFi, NFTs, and the potential of blockchain technology to foster creativity and empowerment.

Overall, the podcast serves as a platform for Latin women to learn, share experiences, and engage with the rapidly evolving world of blockchain and decentralized technologies, with a focus on promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Two 30-minute sessions monthly

What problem are you aiming to solve?
The podcast will be in Spanish, and there are not any podcasts in Near aiming at Spanish speaking women in Near, despite there being a huge Latin community in Near, as Near.es success (1015 members in Telegram) exemplifies and their report results [APPROVED] NEAR ES April 2024 Cryptoconexión also targetted Latin women [Report] Empowering Latinas in the NEAR Ecosyst4em

We will offer an NFT give away to the first 5 people that request it. Also 5 $NEAR giveaways for space visibility.

3.Previous funding:
14,9 NEAR from Near Marketing via Potlock Marketing round. Wit this funding, our designer has put together the design drafts.

4. Applicant Information:
DAO Name: Dao Ashe
Wallet: dao-ashe.sputnik-dao.near
Dao information: Review from Wax: x.com

Mission and Vision:
DAO Ashe stands as a groundbreaking initiative, pioneering the way for inclusivity and diversity within the Web3 community. As the first international Web3 community dedicated to Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Colour (BIPOC), neurodiverse, LGBTQI+ artists, and allies on the NEAR protocol, DAO Ashe embodies a vision of unity and empowerment. Since its inception in October 2022, we have been on a mission to educate, empower, and elevate individuals within marginalised communities, fostering a culture of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity.

DAO Ashe’s mission of fostering diverse artistic expression resonates deeply with the transformative potential of NEAR blockchain technology and the vision of mass adoption. By embracing inclusivity and representation. We seek to cultivate a global community built on collaboration, creativity, and mutual support. Through initiatives and partnerships, we aim to create a nurturing environment where individuals from all backgrounds can thrive and contribute to the advancement of the blockchain ecosystem.

Our ongoing NFT exhibition features Afro/Latinx/Indigenous Futurism themed art, and we need support to reach DAO members, host IRL events and buidl new projects with our creativity.

5. DAO URLs:
DAO Astro: Astra++ by astraplusplus.ndctools.near on BOS
Near Social: MyPage by mob.near | Near Social
Mintbase: https://www.mintbase.xyz/contract/afrolatinexfuturismo.mintbase1.near/nfts/all/0

6. Financing scheme:
Three months

7. Links to social media accounts:
Twitter: x.com
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/
Near: MyPage by mob.near | Near Social
Discord: Our community policy requires a quick DM exchange before joining the DAO. As we value diversity, we have faced issues with individuals joining events without our best interests at heart and creating unblockable bots

8. Team Members and experience:

Paloma Etienne:
Paloma Etienne is a versatile artist and tech advocate, merging technology, art, and social justice. With a background in film and fine arts, she champions Web3, AI, and blockchain to empower diverse communities. She lives in Spain.

As the founder of DAO ASHÉ, she fosters innovation, curates experiences, and builds alliances for artists and activists. Paloma’s work delves into identity, mental health, and caregiving, crafting compelling narratives through film, AI, and 3D art. She is also in the council of Dao Ashe.

Paloma has been building actively in NEAR, and as Near Research Collective alumni has done research on how to run creative DAOs in Near.

Near: Paloma Etienne (palomaetienne.near) | Near Social
Mintbase: https://www.mintbase.xyz/human/palomaetienne.near/owned/0
Warpcast/Farcaster: Warpcast
Web: paloma_etienne | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree
X: x.com
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @Paloma_Etienne
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/palomaetienne/
Research essay NEAR Protocol: A Hub for Creatives: https://www.mintbase.xyz/meta/nrc.mintbase1.near%3A9b83a6ff5d694fb977dcae7dc0dc0b14

Laura Suárez:
Laura Suárez is a dynamic Web3 strategist, entrepreneur, and crypto developer, currently serving as Director of Operations at iTeller and Chief Operations Officer at One Crypto Ventures (OCV). With a background in business administration and international commerce, she brings a wealth of expertise to the cryptocurrency and Web3 revolution. She is in the council of Dao Ashe. She lives in Spain.

In her roles, Laura spearheads operational strategies in the crypto payments and ATM ecosystems at iTeller, while also contributing to the growth of Web3 projects at OCV. Her entrepreneurial ventures include founding Tina Bazuka Imports, co-founding Think Ultimate for mental toughness programs, and establishing Power Assets, focusing on cryptocurrency investments.

Laura’s career highlights include participating in the European Parliament Pilot Project RESTwithEU Hackathon, managing substantial cryptocurrency portfolios, and venturing into international sales in maritime and road transport.

With a passion for educating and inspiring others, Laura aims to share insights into blockchain applications, operational strategies for crypto enterprises, and the future of finance in the Web3 space. She is available for speaking engagements to explore these topics further. Her social media averages thousands of views per week, and she will engage her audience with the podcast.

Near: Profile Page by mob.near on BOS
Web: Laura Suárez - Digital Assets Professional
X: x.com Followers: 340
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurasuarezleon/ Followers: 1,220
Instagram: Laura Suárez León (@lauraisuarez) • Instagram photos and videos Followers: 1,066

Rossmarie Dávila:
Rossmarie Dávila is motivated by change, and challenges make her stronger. She loves traveling, running, practicing yoga, exploring new adventures, and learning new things every day. She is in the council of Dao Ashe. Rossmarie lives in Madrid, Spain, in the same neighbourhood as Paloma :slight_smile:

In her professional career, she has led transformation projects and user experience at BBVA bank, which has allowed her to develop leadership skills and teamwork.

Additionally, she is a community builder, mentor, consultant, enthusiast of the crypto world, sustainability, and a former core team member of Women in Crypto. She has a very strong newsletter audience who would be very interested in her podcast.

Rossmarie holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Buenos Aires, a Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility, and she is an entrepreneur specializing in traditional and decentralized finance and budget planning.

Near: Profile Page by mob.near on BOS
Web: https://rossmarie.com/
X: x.com

9. Budget Projected:

Podcast hosts: 2 sessions x month (30mins) x 3 people: $600

Social media management and design: $300

  • Set up platform accounts & upload podcasts to official iVoox, Twitter & Spotify.
  • Bookeeping & Accounting monthly review
  • Monthly KPIs report on iVoox, Twitter & Spotify

Technical management Mintbase/Podsmedia- $300

Design and copyrighting: $300

Purchase of two microphones 2x $45= $90

Giveaways for space visibility: 5 * $20 = $100

Total: $1690 per month -

Total: 3 months: $4890

Tools :
What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project?
We want to build this project in NEAR, and we will have two sessions monthly continuously.
Will your team be fully renumerated from this budget?
Reach and KPI tracking
The team is fully involved in Spanish-speaking communities such as Near.es, Near Español, Mujeres brillando en Blockchain, Cryptoconexión monicatalan, Her DAO Spain, Block&Change and plenty of others, and will fully publicise the podcast in the various networks. We will ensure to run KPI Tracking and analytics.

Section 10. Project/DAO longevity
Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?
Continuous funding.
**Will your DAO/Project devise a way of sustaining itself after this round of funding? **
Yes, we would like to apply for funding every three months, and report on our work, and then reapply four times yearly.

What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO?
Lack of engagement, although we are very invested in this project, and we believe that we will have support from the Near Spanish speaking community and their OGs. We also want to invite participants from those communities, and this will boost the engagement too.

We also have the special help from Chill&Shrill, which has already featured us in the past, and who has asked us to be a regular on their Twitter spaces: x.com

Please, let us know if you need to know anything else about the proposal/project. Thank you!



This project is great! Creating a friendly decentralized podcast on Near, minted on Mintbase, is an excellent initiative. Focusing on empowering and educating Spanish-speaking women about blockchain technology, DeFi, and financial literacy is crucial for fostering inclusivity in the tech space. Additionally, breaking down complex concepts like Web3 and DAOs to make them accessible to newcomers, particularly women, is a commendable effort. This podcast has the potential to significantly impact the Near ecosystem and the broader blockchain community by promoting understanding and participation.

Furthermore, I have known Paloma and her DAO (Dao Ashe) for a long time and fully trust the work they do. Great work and looking forward to seeing this project thrive!

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Hi @blaze I am just noticing that I’m late applying. Should I delete this application or wait until a new funding roadmap is revealed? Thank you so much

I believe this podcast will add great value and be an important resource. I like the approach, that it will be in Spanish and know each one brings great experience. I can’t wait to listen.

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