[PROPOSAL] First Contact Workshop

Hello! This is the First Contact Workshop Generative Art!

We will teach how use several kinds of generative art tools and how to transform this in a NFT.

  • HOW?

:white_small_square:A timeless class in the TG were each participant will have support when needed. From the zero until a fresh new generative based NFT.

:white_small_square:As soon this proposal is approved a link for the TG will be created. A google form too For the members of the community who wants to join.

  • examples of tools that will be reach:

:white_small_square:Image to sound
:white_small_square:Text to imagr
:white_small_square:Ai image to song

and much more.

Budget asked for buy NFts in the end of class: 10 near each - 3 NFTs.
Budget asked for production: 400 USD
Budget asked for the teacher: 600 USD

Total Budget Asked: 1250 USD

Thank you for your attention and support always. Any doubts please reach me.

Children of The DAO council members:



Would you be willing to expand on the tasks that production and teaching will take? Since it is on telegram I am unfamiliar with what production would be. Also, how long is the class for $600 to be the teaching cost? Thank you!

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Hi @adrianseneca , @whoiscavenaghi is resolving some personal issues and for that reason cannot answer your questions at the moment. She apologizes for the delay and asked me, as a Council of Children of the DAO, to help her and respond here about the project so you don’t wait any longer. So below are the explanations for what you asked for.


For this workshop we will create a group on telegram, in the same way we did in the “How collectibles works” project, in order to unite a group of people with the same interest in learning how to create their own generative art.

In this group will be stimulated the conversation on the subject, the exchange of information, as well as partnerships for creation of artworks together among the participants. The advantage of the telegram group is that everything taught and discussed will remain there for all participants to access at any time, as if the debates and ideas were recorded, requiring only a search for the topic.

In the telegram group it is possible to make video chats, and this will be one of the ways we will teach classes, informing participants in advance of the days and times that will occur.

We plan to have at least 3 meetings with participants via video chat, with a minimum duration of 1 hour, but this time can easily be longer depending on people’s interaction. We will start by teaching about the theme of the meeting, and each one can make comments or questions at any time, in addition to reserving the end of the meeting for a chat about what was taught and the proposed exercises.

Summary of the 3 meetings:

1- Introduction to generative art: we will explain what generative art is, when it started, the programs used and examples of artists who use this tool for their artistic work, as well as the works they create.

Proposed activity: research artists and generative works of art that identify themselves and look for the programs presented and have a first contact with them.

2- Programming in generative art: computational thinking. Rationalization in the creative process. Focus more on the process and less on the result. Use of algorithms. Creating a generative art, live, step by step.

Proposed activity: ask each participant to think of an idea and create a simple generative art on that theme. After that propose that they create variations of the same idea, trying to change the order of the codes.

3- Creating generative art and transforming it into NFT: Advanced techniques for creating generative art. Image to sound. Text to image. Artificial Intelligence image to song. Animation. Adding complexity to the work. Experimentations.

Proposed activity: Create one or more generative arts using the techniques that were taught during the workshop, with a free theme.


Producer: will be responsible for creating the group on telegram, creating the registration form, helping to assemble the material that will be taught by the teacher and providing support to the participants. In addition to following the entire workshop process.

Teacher: will create the content of the classes, researching the themes, programs and artists that will be presented. He will teach the classes and answer the students’ questions, both during the class and in the telegram questions during the workshop. It will analyze the exercises done by the participants, as well as the final works that will be transformed into NFTs.


We estimate a number of participants similar to the “How collectibles works” project, around 10 people, with the possibility of having more people.

Each participant will be encouraged to produce 1 to 3 generative artworks and transform them into NFT, generating between 10 to 30 NFTs that will be minted at the Children of the DAO store at Mintbase (to be created).

Purchase of 3 NFTs for 10 Near each, and each NFT from a different participant, in order to further stimulate student production.

@adrianseneca I hope I have answered all the questions you raised. Any questions I am available to answer. Thank you.


Hey Adrian! The workshop in telegram is a one by by one support … I will be at disposal of each perticipant when needed. This way the different time zones and any other kind of problem with dates and times no longer will interfere.

The production is from the beginning ( google forms, links and material for each participants)
I would love have you there to see how it works! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: